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  • The authors combine ab-initio density functional theory with tight-binding calculations to investigate the optical absorption resonances of armchair carbon nanotubes and zigzag graphene nanoribbons, and show that an atlas of carbon nanotubes optical transitions can be mapped to an atlas of optical resonances of zigzag graphene nanoribbons.

    • Renebeth B. Payod
    • Davide Grassano
    • Vasil A. Saroka
    Article Open Access
  • Designing low power consumption and fast operation electronic phase-change devices remains a challenge. Here, the authors demonstrate the reversible displacive transformation in polycrystalline MnTe films to enable resistive switching via fast Joule heating for fast nonvolatile memory applications.

    • Shunsuke Mori
    • Shogo Hatayama
    • Yuji Sutou
    Article Open Access
  • Scientific complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (sCMOS) cameras have advanced the imaging field, but they often suffer from additional noise compared to CCD sensors. Here the authors present a content-adaptive algorithm for the automatic correction of sCMOS-related noise for fluorescence microscopy.

    • Biagio Mandracchia
    • Xuanwen Hua
    • Shu Jia
    Article Open Access
  • A robust platform to study modular polyketide synthases (PKSs) in vitro is still unavailable. Here, the authors report the reconstitution of the venemycin PKS, engineer hybrid venemycin/pikromycin PKSs, and obtain much improved yields through employing the updated module boundaries.

    • Takeshi Miyazawa
    • Melissa Hirsch
    • Adrian T. Keatinge-Clay
    Article Open Access
  • New World arenaviruses utilize the cellular transferrin receptor 1 (TfR1) to enter host cells. Here, the authors develop a TfR1-mimetic immunoadhesin, Arenacept, that targets viral spike complexes and exerts effective pan-reactive neutralization against pathogenic mammarenaviruses.

    • Hadas Cohen-Dvashi
    • Ron Amon
    • Ron Diskin
    Article Open Access
  • Here, the authors report ultrasensitive negative capacitance phototransistors based on MoS2 regulated by a layer of ferroelectric hafnium zirconium oxide film to demonstrate a hysteresis-free ultra-steep subthreshold slope of 17.64 mV/dec and specific detectivity of 4.75 × 1014 cm Hz1/2 W−1 at room temperature.

    • Luqi Tu
    • Rongrong Cao
    • Junhao Chu
    Article Open Access
  • Relapse is a limitation for the efficacy of the anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)-inhibitor alectinib in ALK-rearranged lung cancer. Here, the authors show that YAP1 activation upon alectinib treatment leads to therapy resistance and that inhibiting both YAP1 and ALK leads to longer tumor remission in mice.

    • Takahiro Tsuji
    • Hiroaki Ozasa
    • Toyohiro Hirai
    Article Open Access
  • The existence of regular decadal or longer climate oscillations has been the subject of intensive discussion. Here, statistical analysis of observational data and a large ensemble of model simulations show no evidence for longer-term internal oscillations that are distinguishable from climatic noise.

    • Michael E. Mann
    • Byron A. Steinman
    • Sonya K. Miller
    Article Open Access
  • Long-chain alcohols synthesis from syngas conversion is a promising route for the production of high-value chemicals. Here the authors show that a heterogeneous Fe5C2/Cu catalyst derived from layered double hydroxides precursor exhibits excellent performance with a space time yield of 0.101 g gcat−1 h−1 at a low pressure of 1 MPa.

    • Yinwen Li
    • Wa Gao
    • Ding Ma
    Article Open Access
  • Cancers arising from the gastric squamous-columnar junction have high incidence and are characterized by a poor prognosis. Here, the authors use genetic mouse models to show that loss of p53 and Rb1 expression results in preferential tumour development at the gastric squamous-columnar junction that contains a large pool of osteopontin responsive Lgr5-CD44+ cells.

    • Dah-Jiun Fu
    • Lianghai Wang
    • Alexander Yu. Nikitin
    Article Open Access
  • Here the authors report a simple method to create a solid electrolyte interphase that is tightly anchored onto the surface of lithium metal anode. This artificial structure suppresses dead and dendrite Li and stores Li via formation of alloys, enabling impressive battery performance.

    • Rajesh Pathak
    • Ke Chen
    • Qiquan (Quinn) Qiao
    Article Open Access
  • RNA-sequencing is mostly used to assess gene expression; however, it can also give information about genetic variants. Here, the authors present CaSpER, a statistical framework that utilises RNA-sequencing reads to identify and visualise CNV events by integrating transcriptome-wide expression and allelic shift profiles.

    • Akdes Serin Harmanci
    • Arif O. Harmanci
    • Xiaobo Zhou
    Article Open Access
  • Damaged mitochondria are known to cause neuronal death, suggesting clearance as a potential therapy. Here, Moskal et al. show that ROCK inhibitors promote Parkin recruitment and mitophagy and have neuroprotective effects in fruit flies challenged with a toxin that induces mitochondrial damage.

    • Natalia Moskal
    • Victoria Riccio
    • G. Angus McQuibban
    Article Open Access
  • It is important to analyse the local resolution of cryo-EM maps. Here the authors present MonoDir, a fully automatic and parameter free method for the directional local resolution analysis of cryo-EM maps that requires only the final map as input and they also propose indicators for assessing map quality.

    • Jose Luis Vilas
    • Hemant D. Tagare
    • Carlos Oscar S. Sorzano
    Article Open Access