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Welcome to the Nature Communications Editors’ Highlights page. Our editors select a small number of articles recently published in Nature Communications that they believe are particularly interesting or important.

The aim is to provide a convenient snapshot of some of the most exciting work published in the various research areas at Nature Communications.

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Multidisciplinary research

AI and machine learning

Curated by Henrietta Howells, Congcong Huang,  Iryna Omelchenko, Diane Reckziegel and Lorenzo Righetto.

Image credit: Getty Images/monsitj

Astronomy and planetary science

Curated by Nilda Oklay and Sebastian Mueller.

Image credit: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF/SCIEPRO

Climate change impacts

Curated by Walter Andriuzzi, Francesco Conti, Iain Dickson, Pilar Morera Margarit, Diane Reckziegel and Efi Rousi.

Image credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Marccophoto

Plants and agriculture

Curated by Walter Andriuzzi, Chuanfu An,  Emily Jones and Richard Pattison.

Image credit: Getty Images/Ed Reschke

Public health

Curated by Ripudaman Bains, Brittany Cardwell, Francesco Conti, Ildiko Gyory, Ching-Yu Huang, Riikka Jokinen, Madlen Luckner, Javier Martinez-Vesga, Gavin Mason, Diane Reckziegel, Lorenzo Righetto, Sonja Schmid, Catherine Smith and Aishwarya Sundaram.

Image credit: Getty Images/Alexander Spatari

Social sciences

Curated by Walter Andriuzzi, Yann Benetreau, Brittany Cardwell, Myrthel Dogge and Emily Jones.

Image credit: Getty Images/Thant Zaw Wai

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Life sciences research

Biotechnology and methods

Curated by Chuanfu An, Qian Cheng, Ross Cloney, Cara Eldridge, Philip Lössl, Aline Lueckgen, Anne Mirabella, Lorenzo Righetto and Nelio Rodrigues.

Image credit: PHOTODISC


Curated by Joanne Clancy, Luca Danelli, Maria Garcia Fernandez, Ilse Ariadna Gutierrez, Stephanie Koo, Ylenia Lombardo, Paraskevi Mallini, Kathryn Mcginnis, Lorenzo Righetto, Aishwarya Sundaram, Virginia Valderrey Berciano, Sunjie Ye and Zhao Zha.

Image credit: PhotoDisc/ Getty Images/©Purestock

Ecology and evolution

Curated by Walter Andriuzzi, Iain Dickson,Emily Jones and Pilar Morera Margarit.

Image credit: Image courtesy of Wenfei Tong

From brain to behaviour

Curated by Charlotte Arlt, Daniel Barry, Brittany Cardwell, Fiona Carr, Myrthel Dogge, Henrietta Howells, Aleksandra Ichkova, Severi Luoto, Laura Mickelsen, Nicole Montijin, Sophie Morgan, and Cody Walters.

Image credit: Getty Images/Science Photo Library - PASIEKA

From molecules and cells to organisms

Curated by Evan Bardot, Minju Ha, Nele Hug, Philip Lössl, Aline Lueckgen, Anne Mirabella, Daniel Morales, Angela Parrish and Robert Stephenson.

Image credit: BrandXPictures/ Jupiter Images

Genetics, genomics and epigenetics

Curated by Chuanfu An, Margot Brandt, Minju Ha, Nele Hug and Anne Mirabella.

Image credit: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF/KTSDESIGN/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY


Curated by Luca Danelli, Ildiko Gyory, Ching-Yu Huang, Paraskevi Mallini, Gavin Mason, Timothy Powell and Aishwarya Sundaram.

Image credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto / Thinkstock/Sebastian Kaulitzki

Microbiology and infectious diseases

Curated by Ripudaman Bains, Nino Iakobachvili, Madlen Luckner, Javier Martinez-Vesga, Hayleah Pickford, Cesar Sanchez, Sonja Schmid, Catherine Smith and Danielle Troppens.

Image credit: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF/ROGER HARRIS/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

Stem cells

Curated by  Evan Bardot, Ylenia Lombardo, Aline Lueckgen, Daniel Morales and Robert Stephenson.

Image credit: PhotoDisc/Getty Images

Structural biology, biochemistry and biophysics

Curated by  Engi Hassaan, Stephane Larochelle, Katarzyna Marcinkiewicz, Sophie McKenna, Benjamin McIlwain, Felipe Ossa, Adriana Savastano, Irene Serrano and Helena Perez Valle.

Image credit: Getty Images/iStockphot/alice-photo

Translational and clinical research

Curated by Francesco Conti, Laura Corradi, Aline Lueckgen, Myrthel Dogge, Henrietta Howells, Andrew Jobbins, Riikka Jokinen, Francesca La Rosa, Ylenia Lombardo, Diane Reckziegel and Maria-Teresa Piccoli.

Image credit: Getty Images/bingdian

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Physical sciences research

Applied physics and mathematics

Curated by Marco Bentivegna, Antonio Fornieri, Congcong Huang, Selina La Barbera, Natalie Lok Kwan Li, Silvia Milana, Iryna Omelchenko, Heather Partner, Anjali Sharma, Ellasia Tan, Gustavo Tontini, Mengjie Wei and Jiajun Zhu.

Image credit: PhotoDisc/Getty Images


Curated by Majda Bratovič, Prateek Dongare, Jamal Malik, Eric Piechota, Prabhjot Saini, Adam Weingarten and Ronghuan Zhang.

Image credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/TomasSereda

Condensed matter

Curated by Margherita Citroni, Antonio Fornieri, Jakub Jadwiszczak, Silvia Milana, Anna Pertsova, Paul Wiecki and Jiajun Zhu.

Image credit: ANDRZEJ WOJCICKI/Getty


Curated by Antonio Fornieri, Congcong Huang, Selina La Barbera, Silvia Milana, Gustavo Tontini and Jiajun Zhu.

Image credit: PhotoDisc/ Getty Images/Nick Koudis

Earth science

Curated by Bradford Dubik, Kyle Frischkorn, Sebastien Mueller, Efi Rousi and Sam Royle.

Image credit: PhotoDisc/Getty Images


Curated by Prateek Dongare, Sebastian Mueller, Eric Piechota, Sara Renfrew, Adam Weingarten and Ronghuan Zhang.

Image credit: Alamy Stock Photo/BildWerk

Inorganic and physical chemistry

Curated by  Majda Bratovič, Margherita Citroni, Bishwanath Gaire,  Harry Geddes, Johannes Kreutzer, Christian Kuttner, Sai Maddala, Prabhjot Saini, Joan Serrano-Plana and Gustavo Tontini.

Image credit: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF/KTSDESIGN/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

Materials science and chemistry

Curated by Majda Bratovič, Antonio Fornieri, Harry Geddes, Michael Ghidiu, Robert Guilliatt, Sumin Jin, Johannes Kreutzer, Christian Kuttner, Sai Maddala, Silvia Milana, Manel Mondelo, Anna Patterson, Prabhjot Saini, Gustavo Tontini, Virginia Valderrey Berciano and Sunjie Ye.

Image credit: Royalty Free/GETTY

Nuclear and particle physics

Curated by Marco Bentivegna and Bishwanath Gaire.

Image credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Optics and photonics

Curated by Marco Bentivegna, Antonio Fornieri, Bishwanath Gaire, Cristiano Matricardi, Silvia Milana, and Ahne Myklatun.

Image credit: Getty Images/Hemera / Thinkstock/Nikita Sobolkov

Organic chemistry and chemical biology

Curated by Majda Bratovič, Robert Guilliatt, Johannes Kreutzer, Jamal Malik, Anna Patterson, Prabhjot Saini, Joan Serrano-Plana, Virginia Valderrey Berciano and Sunjie Ye.



Curated by Marco Bentivegna, Anita Chandran, Bishwanath Gaire, Silvia Milana, Anna Pertsova and Rakesh Rana.

Image credit: Getty Image/maxkabakov

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