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  • The impact of fungal infections on human health has been exacerbated by the rise of antifungal drug resistance. In this Review, the authors outline the problem of antifungal resistance and suggest how this growing threat might be mitigated.

    • Neil A. R. Gow
    • Carolyn Johnson
    • Keegan Edgar
    Review Article Open Access
  • In this review, the authors look at how recent progress in single-cell transcriptomics complement and enrich the classical, largely morphological, portraits of fibroblasts. The detailed molecular information now available provides new insights into fibroblast identity, heterogeneity and function.

    • Urban Lendahl
    • Lars Muhl
    • Christer Betsholtz
    Review Article Open Access
  • Large scale sustainable energy storage by water splitting benefits from performing the oxygen evolution reaction under a variety of conditions. Here, the authors discuss self-healing catalysis as a new tool in the design of stable and functionally active catalysts in acidic to basic solutions, and a variety of water sources

    • Agnes E. Thorarinsdottir
    • Samuel S. Veroneau
    • Daniel G. Nocera
    Review Article Open Access
  • Synthetic DNA is the basis for promising technologies in data storage, barcoding, computing 62 and sercurity. In this review, the authors provide an overview of the field and its future.

    • Linda C. Meiser
    • Bichlien H. Nguyen
    • Robert N. Grass
    Review Article Open Access
  • New observations of volcanic and magmatic activity in Africa are changing our views of continental rifting and raising awareness of the associated hazards. However, despite a shift from crisis response to reducing disaster risks, limited capacity means mitigating geohazards remains challenging.

    • Juliet Biggs
    • Atalay Ayele
    • Tim J. Wright
    Review Article Open Access
  • Cellular microbiology is a field that combines the study of infection and cell biology. In this review, we highlight emerging technologies and infection models that recently transformed our understanding of the infected cell and may inspire future medicine.

    • Ana Teresa López-Jiménez
    • Serge Mostowy
    Review Article Open Access
  • Seed banks are generated when individuals enter a dormant state, a phenomenon that has evolved among diverse taxa, but that is also found in stem cells, brains, and tumors. Here, Lennon et al. synthesize the fundamentals of seed-bank theory and the emergence of complex patterns and dynamics in mathematics and the life sciences.

    • Jay T. Lennon
    • Frank den Hollander
    • Jochen Blath
    Review Article Open Access
  • Mosquito-borne diseases pose significant global health burdens. In this review, the authors explore Wolbachia and genome engineering approaches to mosquito-borne disease population control.

    • Guan-Hong Wang
    • Stephanie Gamez
    • Omar S. Akbari
    Review Article Open Access
  • The application space for optical fibers is growing, enabled by fibers built using special materials and processes. In this Review, the authors discuss the materials science behind producing crystalline core fibers for diverse applications and progress in the field.

    • Ursula J. Gibson
    • Lei Wei
    • John Ballato
    Review Article Open Access
  • Natural products are an important source of bioactive compounds and have versatile applications in different fields, but their discovery is challenging. Here, the authors review the recent developments in genome mining for discovery of natural products, focusing on compounds from unconventional microorganisms and microbiomes.

    • Kirstin Scherlach
    • Christian Hertweck
    Review Article Open Access
  • Antimicrobial resistance is a growing global problem and low dimensional materials have emerged as a potential solution. Here, the authors review the progress which has been made on low dimensional antimicrobials looking at the materials synthesis, modes of action and currently applications.

    • Z. L. Shaw
    • Sruthi Kuriakose
    • Sumeet Walia
    Review Article Open Access
  • This review presents an overview of scenarios where van der Waals (vdW) materials provide unique advantages for nanophotonic biosensing applications. The authors discuss basic sensing principles based on vdW materials, advantages of the reduced dimensionality as well as technological challenges.

    • Sang-Hyun Oh
    • Hatice Altug
    • Michael S. Strano
    Review Article Open Access
  • Whether or not a city achieves absolute sustainability is difficult to assess with existing frameworks. Here the authors, in a review, show that a further integration of consumption-based accounting and benchmarking is necessary to aid the monitoring and assessment of Sustainable Development Goals in cities.

    • Thomas Wiedmann
    • Cameron Allen
    Review Article Open Access
  • Electrocatalytic nanocarbon (EN) is a class of materials receiving intense interest as next generation electrocatalysts. Although impressive platforms, work is still required to develop our mechanistic understanding of them to that of molecular electrocatalysts.

    • Erik J. Askins
    • Marija R. Zoric
    • Ksenija D. Glusac
    Review Article Open Access
  • Improving catalyst performance for ring-opening (co)polymerisation (RO(CO)P) reactions by using heterometallic cooperativity is a promising yet underexplored strategy. Here the authors review advances in heterometallic RO(CO)P catalyst design, highlighting the overarching structure-activity trends and reactivity patterns to inform future catalyst design.

    • Weronika Gruszka
    • Jennifer A. Garden
    Review Article Open Access