floating piece of iceshelf on wavy ocean

Compensating transport trends in the Drake Passage frontal regions yield no acceleration in net transport

Manuel Gutierrez-Villanueva et al. find increased eddy activity in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, which could promote upwelling of deep warm waters and affect ice melt and sea level rise.


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Latest Research articles

  • Gas hydrates have promising energy storage applications, a main bottleneck being their slow formation kinetics. Here, the authors demonstrate that by dispersing kinetic promoters in porous ice as active ice for gas hydrate formation, a minute-level formation process can be achieved for hydrate-based technologies.

    • Peng Xiao
    • Juan-Juan Li
    • Guang-Jin Chen
    ArticleOpen Access
  • The researchers showcase all-crystalline and hybrid mid-infrared supermirrors with the lowest optical losses ever demonstrated in this wavelength range, representing an unprecedented improvement over any existing mirrors made with any production technology.

    • Gar-Wing Truong
    • Lukas W. Perner
    • Garrett D. Cole
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Type II polyketide synthases (PKSs) normally synthesize polycyclic aromatic compounds, but the potential for the synthesis of further diverse skeletons remains under investigated. Here, the authors report the discovery of the type II PKS machinery for the biosynthesis of a five-membered nonaromatic skeleton contained in the nonproteinogenic amino acid cispentacin and the plant toxin coronatine.

    • Genki Hibi
    • Taro Shiraishi
    • Tomohisa Kuzuyama
    ArticleOpen Access

Subjects within Physical sciences

Subjects within Earth and environmental sciences

  • Pathogenic variants of DDX3X are associated with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) and cancer. Here, the authors perform saturation genome editing of DDX3X to test the functional impact of 12,776 variants, develop a machine learning classifier to identify variants relevant for NDD, and show that DDX3X predominantly acts as a tumour suppressor in cancer.

    • Elizabeth J. Radford
    • Hong-Kee Tan
    • Matthew E. Hurles
    ArticleOpen Access
  • The ability of T cells to migrate is a central component of their functionality and is known to require WNK1 kinase that is linked to the influx of ions into the cell. Here the authors show that T cell migration requires WNK1 mediated ion and water influx to swell the membrane of the leading edge and support actin polymerisation and forward motility.

    • Leonard L. de Boer
    • Lesley Vanes
    • Victor L. J. Tybulewicz
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Ecosystem services provided by dung beetles are an underappreciated component of terrestrial ecosystems. Here, the authors report a standardized distributed experiment which shows that dung removal rate, a key ecosystem process in pastures, is greater under high beetle functional diversity regardless of grazing intensity.

    • Jorge Ari Noriega
    • Joaquín Hortal
    • Ana M. C. Santos
    ArticleOpen Access

Subjects within Biological sciences

Subjects within Health sciences

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  • Endometriosis is an incurable, under-diagnosed, systemic inflammatory disease affecting millions world-wide. Common symptoms include life-impacting pain, gastrointestinal/urinary symptoms, excessive fatigue, and infertility. Global public health policies are urgently needed to promote awareness, implement multidisciplinary care, and fund research for aetiology, biomarker discovery, and effective therapies for symptoms associated with endometriosis.

    • Linda C. Giudice
    • Andrew W. Horne
    • Stacey A. Missmer
    CommentOpen Access
  • Despite significant progress in CO2 conversion field, there remains a significant gap between fundamental research and the industrial demands. This Comment discusses key performance parameters for industrial applications and outlines current limitations in the field.

    • Doris Segets
    • Corina Andronescu
    • Ulf-Peter Apfel
    CommentOpen Access
  • Optimisation tasks in the inverse design of metamaterials with machine learning were limited due to the representations of generative models. Here the author comments a recent publication in Nature Communications which generates a latent space representation that unlocks non-linear optimisations.

    • Angkur Jyoti Dipanka Shaikeea
    CommentOpen Access
  • The exploration of our solar system is being radically changed since the beginning of operations of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) in mid 2022. JWST’s extraordinary sensitivity and instrumentation allow for sensitive searches for the building blocks of life and to test for habitability, also enabling new discoveries on small bodies to giant planets across our solar system and beyond.

    • G. L. Villanueva
    • S. N. Milam
    CommentOpen Access
  • Spatial transcriptomic profiling of cancer has enabled spatial delineation of malignant transcriptional heterogeneity, intercellular communication, and organization of microanatomical structures within the tumor microenvironment. This technical breakthrough paves the way for the development of precision diagnostic methods and targeted therapies.

    • Young Min Park
    • De-Chen Lin
    CommentOpen Access

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