Yeon Joo Lee et al.

Brightness modulations of Venus point towards atmospheric super-rotation

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Physical sciences

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    Development of functional nanostructures can enable a range of applications in imaging and nanoscale science. Here, the authors fabricate and characterize complex heterogeneous nanorods with diverse, tunable sub-wavelength structures.

    • Shihui Wen
    • , Yongtao Liu
    • , Fan Wang
    • , Gungun Lin
    • , Jiajia Zhou
    • , Bingyang Shi
    • , Yung Doug Suh
    •  & Dayong Jin
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    | Open Access

    Designing human-interactive displays enabling the simultaneous sensing, visualization, and memorization of a magnetic field remains a challenge. Here, the authors present a skin-patchable magneto-interactive electroluminescent display by employing a magnetic field-dependent conductive gate, thereby enabling 3D motion tracking.

    • Seung Won Lee
    • , Soyeon Baek
    • , Sung-Won Park
    • , Min Koo
    • , Eui Hyuk Kim
    • , Seokyeong Lee
    • , Wookyeong Jin
    • , Hansol Kang
    • , Chanho Park
    • , Gwangmook Kim
    • , Heechang Shin
    • , Wooyoung Shim
    • , Sunggu Yang
    • , Jong-Hyun Ahn
    •  & Cheolmin Park
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    | Open Access

    Gaining control over crystallization processes is challenging. Herein, the authors describe a protocol for the controlled growth of DNA nanotubes by feedback regulation: the coupling of a reversible bimolecular monomer buffering reaction delivers the optimal monomer concentration and leads to reliable crystal growth in a simple manner.

    • Samuel W. Schaffter
    • , Dominic Scalise
    • , Terence M. Murphy
    • , Anusha Patel
    •  & Rebecca Schulman

Earth and environmental sciences

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    Antarctic krill are known to be important to the carbon cycle, but the exact contribution is not known. Here the authors show that krill moulting is a major vector of carbon export in the Southern Ocean, together with krill faecal pellets accounting for almost 90% of annual particulate organic carbon flux.

    • C. Manno
    • , S. Fielding
    • , G. Stowasser
    • , E. J. Murphy
    • , S. E. Thorpe
    •  & G. A. Tarling
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    | Open Access

    Zooplankton biomass in the dark ocean is thought to be low and weakly coupled to epipelagic primary production, but recent evidence suggests otherwise. Here the authors analyse data from the Malaspina Circumnavigation Expedition and published data to estimate bathypelagic zooplankton biomass and assess its relationship to primary production, currently not well accounted for in oceanic C budget.

    • S. Hernández-León
    • , R. Koppelmann
    • , E. Fraile-Nuez
    • , A. Bode
    • , C. Mompeán
    • , X. Irigoien
    • , M. P. Olivar
    • , F. Echevarría
    • , M. L. Fernández de Puelles
    • , J. I. González-Gordillo
    • , A. Cózar
    • , J. L. Acuña
    • , S. Agustí
    •  & C. M. Duarte
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    | Open Access

    China has enacted Electric Heating Policy to substitute electricity for in-home combustion for rural residential heating. Here the authors show that this shift would greatly increase national carbon emissions by 101.69–162.89 megatons in 2015 while impeding China’s carbon mitigation process in the future.

    • Jianxiao Wang
    • , Haiwang Zhong
    • , Zhifang Yang
    • , Mu Wang
    • , Daniel M. Kammen
    • , Zhu Liu
    • , Ziming Ma
    • , Qing Xia
    •  & Chongqing Kang

Biological sciences

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    | Open Access

    The mecA gene confers resistance to many β-lactam antibiotics in community-associated MRSA bacteria. Here, Snitser et al. show that mecA also provides broad selective advantage across diverse chemical environments in the presence of subinhibitory β-lactam concentrations, by protecting the bacteria against increased cell-envelope permeability.

    • Olga Snitser
    • , Dor Russ
    • , Laura K. Stone
    • , Kathy K. Wang
    • , Haleli Sharir
    • , Noga Kozer
    • , Galit Cohen
    • , Haim M. Barr
    •  & Roy Kishony
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    | Open Access

    Senescence is a state of stable proliferative arrest. Here, the authors perform Hi-C analysis on oncogenic RAS-induced senescence in human fibroblasts and characterize the changes in the 3D genome folding associated with the senescence-specific gene expression profile, which are mediated in part through cohesin redistribution on chromatin.

    • Ioana Olan
    • , Aled J. Parry
    • , Stefan Schoenfelder
    • , Masako Narita
    • , Yoko Ito
    • , Adelyne S. L. Chan
    • , Guy St.C. Slater
    • , Dóra Bihary
    • , Masashige Bando
    • , Katsuhiko Shirahige
    • , Hiroshi Kimura
    • , Shamith A. Samarajiwa
    • , Peter Fraser
    •  & Masashi Narita
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    | Open Access

    The authors have previously reported split-GFP-based contact site sensors (SPLICS) to document endoplasmic reticulum/mitochondria contact sites. Here they extend this work and develop a range of improved SPLICS sensors to detect single and multiple organelle contact sites at different distances.

    • Francesca Vallese
    • , Cristina Catoni
    • , Domenico Cieri
    • , Lucia Barazzuol
    • , Omar Ramirez
    • , Valentina Calore
    • , Massimo Bonora
    • , Flavia Giamogante
    • , Paolo Pinton
    • , Marisa Brini
    •  & Tito Calì

Health sciences

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    | Open Access

    Invasive early stage lung adenocarcinoma has a heterogeneous prognosis. Here, the authors microdissect malignant pulmonary nodules to invasive and preinvasive components and study the mutations that are common or private between the lesions, allowing them to understand the evolutionary path of the tumours.

    • Siwei Wang
    • , Mulong Du
    • , Jingyuan Zhang
    • , Weizhang Xu
    • , Qianyu Yuan
    • , Ming Li
    • , Jie Wang
    • , Hongyu Zhu
    • , Yuzhuo Wang
    • , Cheng Wang
    • , Yuhua Gong
    • , Xiaonan Wang
    • , Zhibin Hu
    • , David C. Christiani
    • , Lin Xu
    • , Hongbing Shen
    •  & Rong Yin
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    | Open Access

    Removal of integrated HIV DNA remains a roadblock for HIV cure. Here, Mancuso et al. show that intravenous administration of an adeno-associated virus-based CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing construct to SIV-infected macaques results in excision of integrated proviral DNA from infected blood cells and tissues known to be viral reservoirs.

    • Pietro Mancuso
    • , Chen Chen
    • , Rafal Kaminski
    • , Jennifer Gordon
    • , Shuren Liao
    • , Jake A. Robinson
    • , Mandy D. Smith
    • , Hong Liu
    • , Ilker K. Sariyer
    • , Rahsan Sariyer
    • , Tiffany A. Peterson
    • , Martina Donadoni
    • , Jaclyn B. Williams
    • , Summer Siddiqui
    • , Bruce A. Bunnell
    • , Binhua Ling
    • , Andrew G. MacLean
    • , Tricia H. Burdo
    •  & Kamel Khalili
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    | Open Access

    Environmental and dietary factors are known to play a role in the development of coronary heart disease. Here the authors apply a genomic-inspired methodology to Nurses’ Health Study data to explore comprehensively and agnostically the association of 257 nutrients and 117 foods with coronary heart disease risk.

    • Soodabeh Milanlouei
    • , Giulia Menichetti
    • , Yanping Li
    • , Joseph Loscalzo
    • , Walter C. Willett
    •  & Albert-László Barabási

News & Comment

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    Extreme heat adversely affects human health, productivity, and well-being, with more frequent and intense heatwaves projected to increase exposures. However, current risk projections oversimplify critical inter-individual factors of human thermoregulation, resulting in unreliable and unrealistic estimates of future adverse health outcomes.

    • Jennifer K. Vanos
    • , Jane W. Baldwin
    • , Ollie Jay
    •  & Kristie L. Ebi
  • Editorial
    | Open Access

    Subduction is the primary driver of plate tectonics, yet we still do not fully understand how subduction zones initiate or the budgets of life-supporting elements recycled via subduction. At Nature Communications, we advocate for more transdisciplinary initiatives and collaborative projects, which are essential if we are to continue to bring new dynamics to subduction research.

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    Electrochemical carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction has the potential to sustainably produce carbon-based fuels and chemicals while mitigating the increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. In this comment, the author discusses a few basic concepts in the fundamental mechanistic studies of electrochemical CO2 reduction.

    • Karen Chan
  • Comment
    | Open Access

    Over the past 15 years, genome-wide association studies (GWASs) have generated a wealth of new information. Larger samples sizes, refined phenotypes and higher-resolution genome-screens will continue to drive gene discovery in years ahead. Meanwhile, GWAS loci are increasingly translated into new biology and opportunities for clinical care.

    • Ruth J. F. Loos
  • Q&A
    | Open Access

    Dr. Yi Liu is the facility director at the Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Trained as a supramolecular chemist and after a postdoctoral stay and working on click chemistry in Sharpless’s group he started his independent research career working on organic electronics, porous materials, and covalent organic frameworks (COFs). His aim is to develop nanostructured electronic materials through the design, synthesis and manipulation of tailor-made molecular constituents.

  • Q&A
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    Prof. Donglin Jiang is a full professor at the National University of Singapore and is recognized as a pioneer in the field of 2D polymers and covalent organic frameworks (COFs). With a background in chemistry and studies on dendrimers for ten years, the beauty of dendrimers inspired him to consider the possibility of constructing other types of polymers with well-defined shapes and structures. After taking up an associate professorship in 2005 to set up an independent laboratory at the Institute for Molecular Science at the National Institute for Natural Science, he started to dedicate his work on the design, synthesis and functional exploration of 2D polymers, COFs and conjugated microporous polymers.


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