The rapid evolution of durophagy in lungfish

Xindong Cui et al. describe exceptionally preserved fossils of lungfish (air-breathing fish) from the Early Devonian that show early adaptations to durophagy, or the consumption of hard-shelled prey.


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  • Harmonic measurements have been used extensively in ferromagnetic/heavy metal heterostructures to characterize the magnetization dynamic; however, it has remained unclear about whether such techniques could be applied to antiferromagnetic devices. Here, Cheng et al demonstrate such a harmonic measurement approach in an antiferromagnet.

    • Yang Cheng
    • Egecan Cogulu
    • Fengyuan Yang
    Article Open Access
  • Self-assembly and molecular recognition usually depend on strong, directional non-covalent interactions but also topography can play a role in the formation of supramolecular constructs which makes it nearly impossible to discern the potential of shape and motion in the creation of complexity. Here, the authors demonstrate that long-range order in supramolecular constructs can be assisted by the topography of the individual units even in the absence of highly directional interactions.

    • Joseph F. Woods
    • Lucía Gallego
    • Michel Rickhaus
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Physical sciences

  • The lightning's nature is that different-polarity leaders extend in air. Only negative leaders' development was previously associated to floating plasma. We found that the floating plasma could also lead the positive leader stepwise development.

    • Shengxin Huang
    • Weijiang Chen
    • Zhiyuan Zhang
    Article Open Access
  • CH4 inputs to Arctic lakes via groundwater discharge are an important pathway that links CH4 production in thawing permafrost to emission via lakes. Here the authors unravel the role and drivers of groundwater inflows for CH4 emissions from Arctic lakes.

    • Carolina Olid
    • Valentí Rodellas
    • Jan Karlsson
    Article Open Access
  • Earth’s largest dune fields are set to become less dynamic on average over this century due to anthropogenic climate change, with no future action able to mitigate this effect, as predicted by the newest iteration of CMIP models.

    • Andrew Gunn
    • Amy East
    • Douglas J. Jerolmack
    Article Open Access
  • An ethically-based method for allocating climate change mitigation effort among subsidiaries, applicable worldwide, is proposed. Applied to the EU Green Deal, this results in a wider range of targets than the Commission’s proposal of 2021.

    • Karl W. Steininger
    • Keith Williges
    • Keywan Riahi
    Article Open Access

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    Editorial Open Access
  • Habitability of exoplanet’s deepest oceans could be limited by the presence of high-pressure ices at their base. New work demonstrates that efficient chemical transport within deep planetary ice mantles is possible through significant salt incorporation within the high-pressure ice.

    • Baptiste Journaux
    Comment Open Access
  • Diagonal integration of multimodal single-cell data emerges as a trending topic. However, empowering diagonal methods for novel biological discoveries requires bridging huge gaps. Here, we comment on potential risks and future directions of diagonal integration for multimodal single-cell data.

    • Yang Xu
    • Rachel Patton McCord
    Comment Open Access
  • A Global Forum on Synthetic Biology is needed to engage policymakers with practitioners across borders at the highest level. The international community needs a global confidence-building measure focused on discussing policy futures for the age of engineering biology.

    • Thomas A. Dixon
    • Paul S. Freemont
    • Isak S. Pretorius
    Comment Open Access
  • Writing in Nature communications, Seo and collaborators presented PICASSO as a method to achieve 15-color imaging of spatially overlapping proteins using no reference emission spectra in a single staining and imaging round. This accessible tool has the potential to be applied to diverse applications within the spatial biology field without neglecting accuracy.

    • Archibald Enninful
    • Alev Baysoy
    • Rong Fan
    Comment Open Access
  • Dense water production in the seas around Antarctica is a key process for century-scale carbon storage, slowing global warming. Results from an advanced new model reveal the prospect of system changes that may greatly reduce the efficiency of this carbon storage by the end of this century.

    • Michael P. Meredith
    Comment Open Access

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