Digitized microscopy image of human kidney tissue

Deep learning analysis of tissue micrographs for improved diagnostics of kidney diseases

David Hölscher, Nassim Bouteldja et al. present a deep learning method for identification of specific features associated with non-tumor kidney disease in histological images.


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Latest Research articles

  • A superconducting diode effect was recently reported in Nb/V/Ta superlattices, but the mechanism is not yet clear. Here, the authors study non-reciprocal critical current in Al/InAs nanowires and propose a generic extrinsic mechanism involving field-generated diamagnetic currents, which may explain the earlier Nb/V/Ta results.

    • Ananthesh Sundaresh
    • Jukka I. Väyrynen
    • Leonid P. Rokhinson
    Article Open Access
  • Switchable catalysis promises exceptional efficiency in synthesizing polymers with increasing structural complexity but current achievements in such attempts are limited to constructing linear block copolymers. Here the authors report a visible light regulated switchable catalytic system capable of synthesizing hyperbranched polymers in a one-pot/two-stage procedure with commercial glycidyl acrylate as a heterofunctional monomer.

    • Shuaishuai Zhu
    • Maoji Zhao
    • Xiaolin Xie
    Article Open Access
  • Thick panel origami holds great potential in engineering structures, but conventional fabrication processes limit their design and applications. Here the authors report a multimaterial 3D printing-based design and fabrication strategy for thick-panel origami structures with push-to-pull deformation.

    • Haitao Ye
    • Qingjiang Liu
    • Qi Ge
    Article Open Access
  • RiPP discovery has expanded the scope of post-translational modification chemistry, but genome mining of RiPP classes remains an unsolved challenge. Here, the authors employed bioinformatics and synthetic biology approaches to discover and characterize an unknown class of RiPPs, defined by an unusual amino-modified C-terminus.

    • Hengqian Ren
    • Shravan R. Dommaraju
    • Huimin Zhao
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Physical sciences

  • Availability of modern seed varieties in developing countries has had positive effects on households’ well-being. Here, the authors show that without support to maintain soil fertility, access to modern seed varieties increases primary forest clearance in DR Congo.

    • Tanguy Bernard
    • Sylvie Lambert
    • Margaux Vinez
    Article Open Access
  • The historical changes in country emissions of greenhouse gases and air quality pollutants are classified together as a function of economic development, providing valuable guidance to emission scenario development.

    • Kazuyuki Miyazaki
    • Kevin Bowman
    Article Open Access
  • Rivers are among the most diverse, dynamic, and productive ecosystems on Earth. Here, using Landsat imagery, the authors provide a global attribution of the recent changes in river regime to morphological dynamics, dam-induced widening, and hydrological signals.

    • Qianhan Wu
    • Linghong Ke
    • Chunqiao Song
    Article Open Access
  • One of the main sources of uncertainty in carbon budgets is that continental landscapes are made up of a heterogeneous mosaic of ecosystems. Here the authors put forward an integrative framework to improve estimates of land-atmosphere carbon exchange based on the accumulation of carbon in the landscape as constrained by its lateral export through rivers.

    • Joan P. Casas-Ruiz
    • Pascal Bodmer
    • Paul A. del Giorgio
    Perspective Open Access

Subjects within Earth and environmental sciences

  • T cells can use TCR on microvilli to interact with peptide-MHC (pMHC) complexes on antigen presenting cells. Here the authors characterise how T cells use microvilli to interrogate reconstituted membranes for pMHC complexes and how this is regulated by a balance between glycoproteins/glycocalyces that reduce detection, and the small adhesion protein CD2, which enhances detection.

    • Edward Jenkins
    • Markus Körbel
    • David Klenerman
    Article Open Access
  • The role of dopamine in the cerebellum remains relatively unexplored. Here, the authors report a dopamine system in the cerebellum in mice, where Purkinje cells supply dopamine and Bergmann glia express D1 receptors. Activation of D1 receptors is found to modulate Purkinje cell activity and to affect locomotor and social behaviors.

    • Chang Li
    • Natalie B. Saliba
    • Wei Li
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Biological sciences

Subjects within Health sciences

  • Availability of modern seed varieties in developing countries has had positive effects on households’ well-being. Here, the authors show that without support to maintain soil fertility, access to modern seed varieties increases primary forest clearance in DR Congo.

    • Tanguy Bernard
    • Sylvie Lambert
    • Margaux Vinez
    Article Open Access
  • A more equitable global distribution of vaccines can benefit the world, while a multilateral benefit-sharing instrument needs to be developed to remove some of the disincentives for early equitable vaccines distribution globally.

    • Daoping Wang
    • Ottar N. Bjørnstad
    • Nils C. Stenseth
    Article Open Access
  • Establishing sustainable approaches for human space exploration is key to achieve independency from terrestrial resources, as well as for ethical considerations. Here the authors highlight microbial biotechnologies that will support sustainable processes for space-based in situ resource utilization and loop-closure, and may be translatable to Earth applications.

    • Rosa Santomartino
    • Nils J. H. Averesch
    • Luis Zea
    Perspective Open Access
  • There are conflicting results on the effectiveness of pharmacologic interventions for suicide prevention in adolescence. Here, the authors show, in a retrospective registry study from Sweden during 2016–2020, that regional utilization rates of clozapine, electroconvulsive therapy and lithium in 15–19-year-olds were associated with lower excess suicide death rates in male adolescents

    • Adrian E. Desai Boström
    • Peter Andersson
    • Jussi Jokinen
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Scientific community and society

  • The process of patenting inventions may be complex. Academic researchers whose primary goal is getting their work published in scientific journals often face daunting doubts when it comes to understanding the interplay between publishing and patenting their findings. We asked Prof Frank Tietze questions from the perspective of academic researchers who wish to understand how the patenting process works and—most importantly—the relation between patenting and publishing.

    Q&A Open Access
  • A recent study from Nature Communications reveals that Mycobacterium tuberculosis can hijack epigenetic machinery in host cells and induce host cell ferroptosis, which promotes pathogen pathogenicity and spread. These findings also suggest new therapeutic strategies to treat tuberculosis.

    • Boyi Gan
    Comment Open Access
  • Supramolecular chemistry based on cyclodextrin receptors as second-sphere ligands contribute to developing non-covalent materials with synergistic functionalities. Herein, we comment on a recent investigation of this concept, describing selective gold recovery through a hierarchical host-guest assembly specifically built from β-CD.

    • Anne Ponchel
    • Eric Monflier
    Comment Open Access
  • NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission intentionally impacted the asteroid Dimorphos on September 26, 2022, and this kinetic impact changed Dimorphos’ orbit around its binary companion Didymos. This first planetary defense test explored technological readiness for this method of asteroid deflection.

    • Andrew S. Rivkin
    • Andrew F. Cheng
    Comment Open Access
  • A large proportion of recent Brazilian Amazon deforestation is occurring on untitled public forestlands through land grabbing. This emerging risk demands long-term conservation strategies. Here we propose prioritizing land tenure security, technological improvement, and law enforcement.

    • Paulo Moutinho
    • Claudia Azevedo-Ramos
    Comment Open Access

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