Microscopic image of parasites in lung tissue

Impact of pulmonary African trypanosomes on the immunology and function of the lung

Sleeping sickness is a disease caused by Trypanosoma parasites. Mabille et al. study how the parasites (colourized in the image) affect respiratory function and lung immune responses.


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  • Misinformation online can be shared by major political figures and organizations. Here, the authors developed a method to measure exposure to information from these sources on Twitter, and show how exposure relates to the quality of the content people share and their political ideology.

    • Mohsen Mosleh
    • David G. Rand
    Article Open Access
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated an important changes in online information access. Here, the authors analyse everyday web search interactions across 25,150 US ZIP codes revealing significant differences in how digital informational resources are mobilized by different communities.

    • Jina Suh
    • Eric Horvitz
    • Tim Althoff
    Article Open Access
  • Systemic risk and bank bailout approaches have been the source of discussions on scientific, financial and governmental forums. An artificial intelligence technique is proposed to inform equitable bailout decisions that minimise taxpayers’ losses.

    • Daniele Petrone
    • Neofytos Rodosthenous
    • Vito Latora
    Article Open Access
  • In this study, the authors provide a global overview of SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing, and estimate the proportion of cases sequenced and time to genome upload. They identify disparities and highlight the need to strengthen surveillance in lower and middle income countries.

    • Anderson F. Brito
    • Elizaveta Semenova
    • Nuno R. Faria
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Scientific community and society

  • While there are a growing number of human pluripotent stem cell repositories, genetic diversity remains limited in most collections and studies. Here, we discuss the importance of incorporating diverse ancestries in these models to improve equity and accelerate biological discovery.

    • Sulagna Ghosh
    • Ralda Nehme
    • Lindy E. Barrett
    Comment Open Access
  • Rivers and streams are increasingly drying with climate change and biogeochemical impacts may be important. In this comment the authors discuss the challenges to the biogeochemistry of non-perennial rivers and streams, and what can be done to tackle them.

    • Margaret A. Zimmer
    • Amy J. Burgin
    • Jacob Hosen
    Comment Open Access
  • Financing of urban greening has traditionally prioritized economic growth. Here the authors argue for action to ensure more socially just green financing.

    • Melissa García-Lamarca
    • Isabelle Anguelovski
    • Kayin Venner
    Comment Open Access
  • Very few of the COVID-19 ML models were fit for deployment in real-world settings. In this Comment, Huang et al. discuss the main steps required to develop clinically useful models in the context of an emerging infectious disease.

    • Shih-Cheng Huang
    • Akshay S. Chaudhari
    • Matthew P. Lungren
    Comment Open Access
  • Rigorous, robust replication and generalization studies present a significant investment into the quality of the research record, the foundation on which new research is built. Communications Psychology and the Human Behaviour Team at Nature Communications are inviting submissions of replication studies in psychology and the human behavioural sciences.

    Editorial Open Access
  • The colonial practices of geoscience have created long term vulnerabilities to natural hazards. In this comment the ongoing consequence are explored of colonialism as well as the actions that are needed to be taken to reduce natural hazard risk.

    • Jazmin P. Scarlett
    Comment Open Access

Ecology and evolution

This page includes topics like the evolution of genes, molecules, lineages, populations, societies and languages; palaeontology, archaeology and anthropology, coevolution, behavioural ecology, ecosystem and community ecology, biogeography and macroecology, conservation biology, agroecology, disease ecology and zoology.


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