floating piece of iceshelf on wavy ocean

Compensating transport trends in the Drake Passage frontal regions yield no acceleration in net transport

Manuel Gutierrez-Villanueva et al. find increased eddy activity in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, which could promote upwelling of deep warm waters and affect ice melt and sea level rise.


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    This conference covers different areas where nanoparticles have found application such as theranostics, bio-imaging, drug delivery, nanovaccines, and immunotherapy. The conference aims at highlighting recent advances as well as unpublished research. The conference program consists of outstanding speakers who have enabled the translational application of nanomaterials.

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    In this joint Collection, Nature Communications and Communications Medicine invite submissions of primary research that aims to understand and improve child and adolescent development and health.


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  • Here the authors demonstate that counter to expectation provided by the relevant standard reduction potentials, a chloroberyllate, [{SiNDipp}BeClLi]2, reacts with the group 1 elements (M = Na, K, Rb, Cs) to provide the respective heavier alkali metal analogues, [{SiNDipp}BeClM]2.

    • Kyle G. Pearce
    • Han-Ying Liu
    • Michael S. Hill
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Peptide drug manufacturing commonly uses large amounts of hazardous solvents primarily due to multiple washings after each step. Here, the authors introduce the concept of a completely wash-free methodology that enables up to 95% waste reduction.

    • Jonathan M. Collins
    • Sandeep K. Singh
    • Christopher L. Houser
    ArticleOpen Access
  • While heat modification is ubiquitous in biologic systems, it remains a significant challenge in artificial systems. Here the authors demonstrate thermal regulation of conversion between different rigid macrocycle atropisomers and related self-assemblies.

    • Jiaqi Liang
    • Shuai Lu
    • Han-Yuan Gong
    ArticleOpen Access

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  • Drawing on perspectives from West and Southern Africa, this Comment critically examines the current state of neuroscience progress in Africa, describing the unique landscape and ongoing challenges as embedded within wider socio-political realities. Distinct research opportunities in the African context are explored to include genetic and bio-diversity, multilingual and multicultural populations, life-course development, clinical neuroscience and neuropsychology, with applications to machine learning models, in light of complex post-colonial legacies that often impede research progress. Key determinants needed to accelerate African neuroscience are then discussed, as well as cautionary underpinnings that together create an equitable neuroscience framework.

    • Sahba Besharati
    • Rufus Akinyemi
    CommentOpen Access
  • Endometriosis is an incurable, under-diagnosed, systemic inflammatory disease affecting millions world-wide. Common symptoms include life-impacting pain, gastrointestinal/urinary symptoms, excessive fatigue, and infertility. Global public health policies are urgently needed to promote awareness, implement multidisciplinary care, and fund research for aetiology, biomarker discovery, and effective therapies for symptoms associated with endometriosis.

    • Linda C. Giudice
    • Andrew W. Horne
    • Stacey A. Missmer
    CommentOpen Access
  • Despite significant progress in CO2 conversion field, there remains a significant gap between fundamental research and the industrial demands. This Comment discusses key performance parameters for industrial applications and outlines current limitations in the field.

    • Doris Segets
    • Corina Andronescu
    • Ulf-Peter Apfel
    CommentOpen Access
  • Optimisation tasks in the inverse design of metamaterials with machine learning were limited due to the representations of generative models. Here the author comments a recent publication in Nature Communications which generates a latent space representation that unlocks non-linear optimisations.

    • Angkur Jyoti Dipanka Shaikeea
    CommentOpen Access
  • The exploration of our solar system is being radically changed since the beginning of operations of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) in mid 2022. JWST’s extraordinary sensitivity and instrumentation allow for sensitive searches for the building blocks of life and to test for habitability, also enabling new discoveries on small bodies to giant planets across our solar system and beyond.

    • G. L. Villanueva
    • S. N. Milam
    CommentOpen Access

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