A portable bioluminescent platform for monitoring biological processes in live animals

Aleksey Yevtodiyenko et al. present a portable bioluminescent system that allows non-invasive measurement of enzymatic activities within the body of non-transgenic, live animals.


  • sugar crystal through a microscope

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Latest Research articles

  • Honeycomb layered oxides are an emerging class of materials with peculiar physicochemical properties. Here, the authors report the synthesis and electrochemical energy storage characterisations of a mixed-alkali honeycomb layered oxide material capable of storing Na and K ions simultaneously.

    • Titus Masese
    • Yoshinobu Miyazaki
    • Tomohiro Saito
    Article Open Access
  • The authors demonstrate efficient excitation of nanodiamonds by a focused beam of helium ions, resulting in ionoluminescence. They use this for quantification and correlative localization of single particles within a whole cell at sub-30 nm resolution, and investigate nanodiamond radiosensitisation effects.

    • Zhaohong Mi
    • Ce-Belle Chen
    • Andrew A. Bettiol
    Article Open Access
  • Ligand-oligonucleotide interactions can integrate both small molecules and proteins into nucleic acid-based circuits. Here the authors design ligand-aptamer complexes to control strand-displacement reactions for versatile ligand transduction.

    • Qiu-Long Zhang
    • Liang-Liang Wang
    • Liang Xu
    Article Open Access
  • The properties of graphene/polymer composites are usually limited by the use of discontinuous graphene flakes. Here, the authors report a fabrication method to realise continuous cm-scale graphene/polymer nanolaminates with enhanced electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness, conductivity and mechanical properties.

    • Christos Pavlou
    • Maria Giovanna Pastore Carbone
    • Costas Galiotis
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Physical sciences

  • The relative role of individual forcing events in long-term landscape evolution is challenging to measure in the field. Badlands offer special opportunities to quantify common, natural landscape dynamics on observational time scales.

    • Ci-Jian Yang
    • Jens M. Turowski
    • Kuo-Jen Chang
    Article Open Access
  • Silica formation in diatoms is of interest for a range of different subjects from biomimetics to oceanography. Here the authors study the formation of silicified extensions in diatoms and find that unlike cell wall elements, that form in the cytoplasm, the extensions have a different formation mechanism outside the cytoplasm.

    • Boaz Mayzel
    • Lior Aram
    • Assaf Gal
    Article Open Access
  • Climate change is expected to have impacts on human mortality, e.g. through increases in heat waves. Here, the author proposes a new metric to account for excess deaths from additional CO2 emissions, which allows to assess the mortality impacts of marginal emissions and leads to a substantial increase in the social costs of carbon.

    • R. Daniel Bressler
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Earth and environmental sciences

Subjects within Biological sciences

Subjects within Health sciences

  • This study combines ethnobotanical and epidemiological data to understand how social networks of seed exchange influence the genetic structure of the African cassava mosaic virus in Gabon. Results reveal contrasted patterns of viral diversity in patrilineal and matrilineal communities, consistent with cultural differences in modes of seed exchange.

    • Marc Delêtre
    • Jean-Michel Lett
    • Charles Spillane
    Article Open Access
  • National parochialism is the tendency to cooperate more with people of the same nation. In a 42-nations study, the authors show that national parochialism is a pervasive phenomenon, present to a similar degree across all the studied nations, and occurs both when decisions are private or public.

    • Angelo Romano
    • Matthias Sutter
    • Daniel Balliet
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Scientific community and society

  • Two papers published in June 2021 used a two-photon microscope or one-photon miniature microscope to interrogate the motor cortex in behaving macaque monkeys. The imaging was performed over several months, and the direction of natural arm reaching was decoded from the population activity.

    • Masanori Matsuzaki
    • Teppei Ebina
    Comment Open Access
  • As it fulfills an irresistible need to understand our own origins, research on human development occupies a unique niche in scientific and medical research. In this Comment, we explore the progress in our understanding of human development over the past 10 years. The focus is on basic research, clinical applications, and ethical considerations.

    • Ali H. Brivanlou
    • Norbert Gleicher
    Comment Open Access
  • In the next 10 years, the continued exploration of human embryology holds promise to revolutionize regenerative and reproductive medicine with important societal consequences. In this Comment we speculate on the evolution of recent advances made and describe emerging technologies for basic research, their potential clinical applications, and, importantly, the ethical frameworks in which they must be considered.

    • Ali H. Brivanlou
    • Nicolas Rivron
    • Norbert Gleicher
    Comment Open Access
  • In the face of an on-going global pandemic and the growing urgency of climate change, the challenge of building an equitable and sustainable world has never been greater. Thus, now more than ever, we want to support and highlight research efforts made at attaining the UN sustainable development goals.

    Editorial Open Access
  • From smartphones to electric vehicles, Li-ion batteries have revolutionized our daily lives. Here, we discuss the most important aspects that have enabled lithium-ion batteries to thrive, and introduce some of our articles that contribute to the evolution of these devices.

    Editorial Open Access
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) scientists are an invisible minority that still faces harassment and discrimination. Fostering safe, designated LGBTQ+ environments is a way for the community to connect with each other and raise awareness. In honor of Pride Month (June 2021), Dr. Keisling (postdoctoral fellow at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University), Dr. Le Bras (scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) and Dr. Ludka (postdoctoral researcher at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography) share with Nature Communications their experiences bringing together the LGBTQ+ community at geoscience conferences, and offer advice for how other disciplines can do the same.

    Q&A Open Access
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Optics and photonics

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