Microscopic image of parasites in lung tissue

Impact of pulmonary African trypanosomes on the immunology and function of the lung

Sleeping sickness is a disease caused by Trypanosoma parasites. Mabille et al. study how the parasites (colourized in the image) affect respiratory function and lung immune responses.


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Latest Research articles

  • Attaining high selectivity for CO2 electroreduction in acid is usually difficult due to competing hydrogen evolution. Here, the authors demonstrate efficient CO2 reduction to multicarbon products in strongly acidic medium (pH ≤ 1) on a porous Cu catalyst by combining confinement and cation effects.

    • Zesong Ma
    • Zhilong Yang
    • Hongwen Huang
    Article Open Access
  • Integrating bottom-up and top-down fabrication techniques can overcome limits in nanofabrication. Here authors demonstrate an approach for area selective deposition using Ti as an inhibitor in the atomic layer deposition process to achieve controlled growth of seamless TiO2 layers on 3D structures.

    • Chi Thang Nguyen
    • Eun-Hyoung Cho
    • Han-Bo-Ram Lee
    Article Open Access
  • ‘Giant atom’ physics occurs when the size of the atomic system becomes comparable to the wavelength of the light it interacts with. For atoms, such a regime is impossible to reach, however, for artificial atomic systems such ‘giant atom’ physics can be explored. Here, Wang et al demonstrate giant spin ensembles, consisting of magnetic spheres coupled to a microwave waveguide.

    • Zi-Qi Wang
    • Yi-Pu Wang
    • J. Q. You
    Article Open Access
  • Hydrocarboxylation of olefins with CO2 provides a useful approach for the synthesis of aliphatic carboxylic acids. Here, the authors report a rhodium-catalysed hydrocarboxylation of styrenes with CO2, using hydrogen as the terminal reductant.

    • Yushu Jin
    • Joaquim Caner
    • Nobuharu Iwasawa
    Article Open Access

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  • Here, by studying a multi-ethnic cross-sectional urban cohort (N = 3211, 6 ethnic groups), the authors show that depressive symptom levels are related to the gut microbiota taxonomic characteristics but that these are largely invariant across ethnic groups.

    • Jos A. Bosch
    • Max Nieuwdorp
    • Anja Lok
    Article Open Access
  • Since the Paris Agreement recognized in 2015 cities have pledged climate actions that often exceed the scope and ambition of their national governments’ policies but there is scant evidence of these actions’ outcomes, largely because of the lack of reported emissions data. Here the authors utilize spatially explicit datasets relevant to urban carbon emissions and self-reported emissions data from European cities, and develops a machine-learning approach to predict and explore trends in city-scale mitigation.

    • Angel Hsu
    • Xuewei Wang
    • Nihit Goyal
    Article Open Access
  • Misinformation online can be shared by major political figures and organizations. Here, the authors developed a method to measure exposure to information from these sources on Twitter, and show how exposure relates to the quality of the content people share and their political ideology.

    • Mohsen Mosleh
    • David G. Rand
    Article Open Access
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated an important changes in online information access. Here, the authors analyse everyday web search interactions across 25,150 US ZIP codes revealing significant differences in how digital informational resources are mobilized by different communities.

    • Jina Suh
    • Eric Horvitz
    • Tim Althoff
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Scientific community and society

  • This Comment piece summarises current challenges regarding routine vaccine uptake in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and provides recommendations on how to increase uptake. To implement these recommendations, the article points to evidence-based resources that can support health-care workers, policy makers and communicators.

    • Cornelia Betsch
    • Philipp Schmid
    • Amanda Garrison
    Comment Open Access
  • Disability has too often been peripheral to efforts to widen the STEMM pipeline, hampering research quality and innovation. Inspired by change in education delivery and research collaborations during the pandemic, we offer a structure for efforts to recruit and retain disabled scientists and practitioners.

    • Siobhán M. Mattison
    • Logan Gin
    • Katherine Wander
    Comment Open Access
  • The rapid expansion and globalization of the seaweed production industry, combined with rising seawater temperatures and coastal eutrophication, has led to an increase in infectious diseases and pest outbreaks. Here, we propose a novel Progressive Management Pathway for improving Seaweed Biosecurity.

    • Elizabeth J. Cottier-Cook
    • Jennefe P. Cabarubias
    • Melba G. Bondad-Reantaso
    Comment Open Access
  • Association genetic studies and genome-scale CRISPR screens have recently identified ARF3 and TMEM251/LYSET/GCAF as Golgi-resident factors essential to brain and skeletal development. Here we discuss how even though the consequences of mutations in these genes affect endosomal and lysosomal compartments, the problem originates in the Golgi complex and may involve either the identity of the carrier vesicles or that of cargo molecules.

    • Vincent El Ghouzzi
    • Gaelle Boncompain
    Comment Open Access
  • Since 2020 Nature Communications has been considering Registered Reports for publication in the areas of cognitive neuroscience, human behaviour and psychology, and epidemiology. We are excited to announce the publication of our first Registered Report. With this milestone, we also want to open the format to all other areas of research.

    Editorial Open Access
  • We recently published our first Registered Report entitled ‘Value-free random exploration is linked to impulsivity’. We believe the format offers many benefits to strengthen hypothesis-driven research and are keen to share our experience with our readers as we open up the format to all fields of research. We interviewed the authors of the manuscript (Magda Dubois and Tobias Hauser) and one of the reviewers (Trevor Robbins) about their experience of the review process. We are editorially committed to take their comments on board to further improve our guidance and to optimally support our future authors.

    Q&A Open Access

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