Bird population declines and species turnover are changing the acoustic properties of spring soundscapes

Catriona Morrison et al. show that the soundscape of birdsong in North America and Europe is becoming quieter and less varied, mirroring declines in bird diversity and abundance.


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    In this collection, we highlight papers reporting structural insights into amyloid fibrils associated with neurodegenerative and systemic diseases as well as functional amyloids that were obtained using cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), NMR, X-ray crystallography and microcrystal electron diffraction.


Latest Research articles

  • Manipulating photon dynamics is becoming increasingly important especially for quantum optics applications. In this work, the authors provide a mechanism that functions as a ‘photon brake’ which relies on the concept of temporal loss boundary to manipulate the dynamics of cavity photons.

    • Longqing Cong
    • Jiaguang Han
    • Ranjan Singh
    Article Open Access
  • Direct transfer of pre-patterned materials strongly benefits realisation of integrated functional systems over conventional fabrication process. Here, the authors demonstrate a self-delamination-driven pattern transfer of a single crystalline silicon thin membrane via well-controlled interfacial design in a liquid media.

    • Jun Kyu Park
    • Yue Zhang
    • Seok Kim
    Article Open Access
  • Optical manipulation of large objects is challenging as optical trap positions are blindly chosen. Here, the authors present off-focus interferometric tracking, which localises optimal grabbing positions with increased refractive index, by analysing the beam deformations of several holographic optical traps.

    • Benjamin Landenberger
    • Yatish
    • Alexander Rohrbach
    Article Open Access
  • A travelling wave inside a metal slit can reveal its own waveform by probing deflecting motions of charged particles. Here, a real-time THz oscilloscope was demonstrated by utilizing the relativistic electrons and the subwavelength slit waveguide.

    • In Hyung Baek
    • Hyun Woo Kim
    • Young Uk Jeong
    Article Open Access
  • Two-dimensional magnetic semiconductors hold promise for spin- and valleytronic applications. Here, the authors report the realization of light helicity detectors based on graphene/CrI3 van der Waals heterostructures, exhibiting a photocurrent behaviour determined by the magnetic state of CrI3.

    • Xing Cheng
    • Zhixuan Cheng
    • Lun Dai
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Physical sciences

Subjects within Earth and environmental sciences

  • Starch is the major form of energy storage in plant cells and forms discrete, semi-crystalline granules within plastids. Here the authors use electron tomography and nanoSIMS to show that Arabidopsis starch granules initiate in stromal pockets between thylakoid membranes that coalesce before growing anisotropically.

    • Léo Bürgy
    • Simona Eicke
    • Samuel C. Zeeman
    Article Open Access
  • Chloranthales remain the last lineage of core angiosperms that lacks a nuclear genome assembly. Here, the authors report the genome assembly of Chloranthus spicatus and show its contribution to deepen our understanding on diversification, phylogeny, and genome evolution in angiosperms.

    • Xing Guo
    • Dongming Fang
    • Huan Liu
    Article Open Access
  • Protein turnover underpins biology but is challenging to measure in vivo across the entire proteome. Here, the authors provide a comprehensive resource of protein turnover in mouse tissues and develop a visualization platform to analyze these data.

    • Zach Rolfs
    • Brian L. Frey
    • Nathan V. Welham
    Article Open Access
  • Microbial DNA glycosylases associated with the biosynthesis of DNA-damaging antibiotics have evolved self-resistance for their cognate natural products. Here, the authors provide evidence that cellular self-resistance is enabled by reduced affinity of the glycosylases for the excision products of the corresponding DNA lesions.

    • Elwood A. Mullins
    • Jonathan Dorival
    • Brandt F. Eichman
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Biological sciences

Subjects within Health sciences

  • Urban trees influence temperatures in cities. The authors here investigate in spatio-temporal variations in their cooling effect and find 8-12 K decreased temperatures for tree-rich urban areas in Central Europe during hot summers, and up to 4 K for Southern Europe, respectively.

    • Jonas Schwaab
    • Ronny Meier
    • Edouard L. Davin
    Article Open Access
  • The movements of individuals within and among cities influence critical aspects of our society, such as well-being, the spreading of epidemics, and the quality of the environment. Here, the authors use deep neural networks to discover non-linear relationships between geographical variables and mobility flows.

    • Filippo Simini
    • Gianni Barlacchi
    • Luca Pappalardo
    Article Open Access
  • Adaptation to heat stress through the use of air conditioners has received increasing attention. Here the authors show that income and humidity adjusted temperature are common determinants for adopting air conditioning, but their relative contribution varies in relation to household characteristics.

    • Filippo Pavanello
    • Enrica De Cian
    • André F. P. Lucena
    Article Open Access
  • Measurements of human interaction through proxies such as social connectedness or movement patterns have proved useful for predictive modeling of COVID-19. In this study, the authors develop a spatiotemporal machine learning model to predict county level new cases in the US using a variety of predictive features.

    • Behzad Vahedi
    • Morteza Karimzadeh
    • Hamidreza Zoraghein
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Scientific community and society

  • Developing more productive and sustainable crops will be essential to achieving food security in coming decades. A core process in plant evolution has been the transfer of chloroplast-encoded genes to the nuclear genome. We propose reverting this process as a new approach to improve plant disease resistance and photosynthesis in future crops.

    • Briardo Llorente
    • María Eugenia Segretin
    • Nicolás E. Blanco
    Comment Open Access
  • An outcome of phage infection, lateral transduction, has been shown to mobilize chromosomal genes between bacterial cells at rates that exceed those of mobile genetic elements such as plasmids. Does this mean that the bacterial chromosome should be considered a mobile genetic element?

    • James P. J. Hall
    Comment Open Access
  • While the technological revolution is accelerating, digital poverty is undermining the Sustainable Development Goals. This article introduces a justice-oriented digital framework which considers how fair access to digital capabilities, commodities, infrastructure, and governance can reduce global inequality and advance the SDGs.

    • Katriona O’Sullivan
    • Serena Clark
    • Malcolm MacLachlan
    Comment Open Access
Stem cells

Stem cells

Here, we highlight selected work employing stem cells to provide insight into development genetics/epigenetics, physiology, reprogramming, regeneration, and disease, as well as translational and clinical applications including drug screening and transplantation.

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