About the Editors

Like the other Nature titles, Nature Climate Change has no external editorial board. Instead, all editorial decisions are made by a dedicated team of professional editors, with relevant research and editorial backgrounds.

Chief Editor: Bronwyn Wake

Bronwyn joined Nature Climate Change in 2012. She has handled research manuscripts and review and opinion articles across the entire breadth of physical climate sciences, the marine and aquatic environment, and interdisciplinary articles integrating natural and social science disciplines in the context of climate and global environmental change. In November 2014 she moved to the Sydney office before returning to the London office to become Chief Editor in May 2016. Bronwyn completed her postgraduate studies at University of Tasmania, Australia, with a PhD in trace element biogeochemistry and first class Honours in Antarctic Studies. Her postdoctoral work at the University of Southampton, UK and European Institute for Marine Studies, Brest, France focused on trace metal cycling in marine waters and their roles as micronutrients for phytoplankton. Bronwyn is based in the London office.


Senior Editor: Tegan Armarego-Marriott

Tegan joined Nature Climate Change at the end of 2019 and handles manuscripts in the area of ecological and  biological responses to climate change. Born and raised in Western Australia, Tegan completed Conservation Biology and Biochemistry majors, and undertook at Molecular Biology Masters program at the University of Western Australia, before moving to Germany for further study. She completed her PhD and postdoctoral work at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, focusing on the biogenesis and activity of plant chloroplasts. Tegan is based in the London office.


Senior Editor:  Carmen Dayrell

Carmen joined Nature Climate Change in February 2022 and handles manuscripts across the spectrum of the social sciences and the humanities. She holds a PhD in Translation Studies from The University of Manchester, UK and completed postdoctoral work in the Department of Modern Languages of the University of São Paulo, Brazil, before joining the ESRC Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS) at the University of Lancaster, UK, as a senior research associate. Her research ranged from translation studies and language teaching/learning to the study of discourses around a wide range of pressing real-world issues, including climate change and extreme weather events. Carmen is based in the London office.


Senior Editor: Alyssa Findlay (currently on leave)

Alyssa joined Nature Climate Change in mid 2019 and handles manuscripts broadly in the area of climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation. She holds a PhD in Oceanography from the University of Delaware, USA and completed postdoctoral work in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, and in the Department of Bioscience at Aarhus University, Denmark. Her research ranged from marine and lake biogeochemistry to carbon cycling in Arctic marine sediments and integrated chemical, microbiological and modelling approaches. Alyssa is based in the Berlin office - but is currently on extended leave.


Senior Editor: Jasper Franke

Jasper joined Nature Climate Change in January 2022 after working as an editor at Nature Communications since 2019. He obtained his PhD from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. His research focused on adapting and developing data analysis methods rooted in network theory to be used for paleoclimate data. At Nature Climate Change he handles manuscripts on physical climatology and climate change impacts. Jasper is based in the Berlin office.


Associate Editor: Lingxiao Yan

Lingxiao joined Nature Climate Change in March 2021. He handles research manuscripts in the area of policy and socio-economic dimensions of climate change. He holds a PhD in Marine Policy from University of Delaware and Master of Environmental Management from Duke University, USA. Before joining Nature Climate Change, he was an assistant professor at South China Agricultural University, specialized in environmental and energy economics. His research focused on the impact of changing environment on human welfare using quantitative social science approaches. Lingxiao is based in the Berlin office.


Locum Associate Editor: Martina Grecequet

Martina joined Nature Climate Change in mid 2022, and handles manuscripts broadly in the areas of the global carbon cycle, climate change impacts and climate solutions. She holds a PhD in Environmental Science from Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and completed postdoctoral work at the Earth Institute, Columbia University and the Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota, USA. She also served as a research fellow at Project Drawdown. She has worked on diverse projects covering the global nitrogen cycle, developing integrated assessment models, evaluating climate solutions in land-use sectors, and building tools for climate change adaptation. Martina is based in the New York office.