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  • Gender has a powerful influence on experiences of, and resilience to, climate change. In this Review, the authors provide an overview of four common gender assumptions, and offer four suggestions for a more informed pursuit of gender equality in climate change policy and practice.

    • Jacqueline D. Lau
    • Danika Kleiber
    • Philippa J. Cohen
    Review Article
  • The shift to data-driven urban climate governance alters accountability. This Review examines critically the drivers of the shift—standardization, transparency and capacity building—and how best to achieve equitable climate mitigation outcomes within this context.

    • Sara Hughes
    • Sarah Giest
    • Laura Tozer
    Review Article
  • Ongoing Arctic changes are impacting phytoplankton. This Review considers recent primary productivity trends and the environmental drivers, as well as how these are changing, that drive phytoplankton diversity in the region.

    • Mathieu Ardyna
    • Kevin Robert Arrigo
    Review Article
  • Phenological shifts due to climate change can desynchronize the timings of life history events between species, but predicting the consequences is challenging. Changes to current methodologies would allow testing of the widely used Cushing hypothesis and improve predictions of climate change impacts.

    • Heather M. Kharouba
    • Elizabeth M. Wolkovich
    Review Article
  • Transformation of the land sector is required to meet the Paris Agreement goal of limiting warming to 1.5 °C. Here, modelled emission pathways and mitigation strategies are reviewed. A land-sector roadmap of priority measures and key regions is presented.

    • Stephanie Roe
    • Charlotte Streck
    • Deborah Lawrence
    Review Article
  • A review of the phenomenon of low-lying ‘ghost forests’, and the physical and ecological mechanisms that control their occurrence in the context of sea level rise, with a focus on the Atlantic Coast of North America.

    • Matthew L. Kirwan
    • Keryn B. Gedan
    Review Article
  • The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission, launched in 2002, allows monitoring of changes in hydrology and the cryosphere with terrestrial and ocean applications. This Review Article focuses on its contribution to the detection and quantification of climate change signals.

    • Byron D. Tapley
    • Michael M. Watkins
    • Isabella Velicogna
    Review Article
  • Cities around the world are at the forefront of enacting climate mitigation policies, but effective action requires a better understanding of potential solutions. This Review offers a systematic exploration of the urban case study literature and discusses ways to best make use of the growing body of cases.

    • William F. Lamb
    • Felix Creutzig
    • Jan C. Minx
    Review Article
  • In this Review, a Bayesian framework is used to explain climate change belief updating, and the evidence required to support claims of directional motivated reasoning versus a model in which people aim for accurate beliefs, but vary in how they assess information credibility.

    • James N. Druckman
    • Mary C. McGrath
    Review Article
  • This Review synthesizes knowledge on projections of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets at 1.5 °C and 2 °C of warming, discussing possible nonlinear responses, and outlining the need for more insight into future atmospheric and oceanic forcings.

    • Frank Pattyn
    • Catherine Ritz
    • Michiel van den Broeke
    Review Article
  • Snow albedo is impacted by the presence of light-absorbing particles, including black carbon and dust. This Review collates knowledge on the associated radiative forcing, discussing geographic variability, future impacts and challenges for reducing uncertainty.

    • S. McKenzie Skiles
    • Mark Flanner
    • Thomas H. Painter
    Review Article
  • Using the ‘Can it? Has it? Will it?’ framework, this Review synthesizes current understanding on Eurasian snow–atmosphere coupling, outlining observational and modelling evidence for their dynamical connection and discussing possible changes in the future.

    • Gina R. Henderson
    • Yannick Peings
    • Paul J. Kushner
    Review Article
  • Research suggests the tropics have widened in recent decades. This Review assesses the rates and drivers of observed and projected tropical expansion, surmising that it is too early to detect anthropogenic signals from natural variability.

    • Paul W. Staten
    • Jian Lu
    • Thomas Birner
    Review Article
  • This Review assesses climate change damage functions, which relate climate variables to economic losses, and how integrated information from impacts, adaptation and vulnerability research could be used to improve estimates of economic risk.

    • Delavane Diaz
    • Frances Moore
    Review Article