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  • Rising temperatures are changing mountain ecosystems as the heat forces some species upwards — until there is nowhere left to go. Emma Marris reports on the 'escalator effect', which is threatening species worldwide.

    • Emma Marris
    News Feature
  • International climate policy needs to induce a socioeconomic tipping to a low or no-carbon economy if we are to avoid climate change tipping points.

    • Timothy M. Lenton
    • Hans Joachim Schellnhuber
    • Olive Heffernan
    Research Highlights
  • The melting of Arctic sea ice is blurring the biological boundaries between Pacific and Atlantic.

    • Zoë Corbyn
    News Feature
  • Voluntary greenhouse-gas emission offset markets are in need of government oversight.

    • Michael Gillenwater
    • Derik Broekhoff
    • Rob Fowler
  • Florida's climate change plan is the latest in a wave of state strategies to limit greenhouse-gas emissions. Mark Schrope asks whether stand-alone efforts could substitute or drive federal action in the US.

    News Feature
  • The world's most vulnerable must be prioritized in adapting to climate change.

    • Gary Yohe
    Books & Arts
  • At its root, climate change is not a scientific or technical problem, but an issue of the use of power.

    • Chris Goodall
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