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  • Migrant icebergs are hot spots of ocean production, enhancing export of organic carbon to the deep sea.

    • Kenneth L. Smith
    • Harvey Leifert
    Research Highlights
  • A study challenges the method used to estimate carbon transport by phytoplankton to the deep sea.

    • Andrew Yool
  • Recently revisited as a quick fix for global warming, 'geoengineering' could rapidly cool the climate but might also play havoc with the planet. Hannah Hoag reports.

    • Hannah Hoag
    News Feature
  • Scientists claim to have located the 'missing carbon sink' in tropical forests that are absorbing around one billion tonnes more carbon than previously thought. Jane Burgermeister investigates.

    • Jane Burgermeister
    News Feature
  • Wind-blown dust from the Southwest US is shortening seasonal snow cover in Colorado's ski resorts.

    • Dan Whipple
    News Feature
  • Companies worldwide are now competing to cut their carbon emissions, but is this trend one of environmental concern, hard-headed business or careful PR? Kurt Kleiner investigates.

    • Kurt Kleiner
    • Harvey Leifert
    Research Highlights
  • How central is imagination to our understanding of climate change?

    • Michael T. Bravo
    Books & Arts
  • The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assesses the skill of climate models by their ability to reproduce warming over the twentieth century, but in doing so may give a false sense of their predictive capability.

    • Stephen E. Schwartz
    • Robert J. Charlson
    • Henning Rodhe