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  • Both emissions reduction and adaptation will need to be much stronger than currently planned if dangerous global impacts of climate change are to be avoided. June's UN talks in Bonn and July's G8 summit present opportunities for world leaders to face this challenge.

    • Martin Parry
    • Jean Palutikof
    • Jason Lowe
  • Vast technological opportunities exist for providing the world with clean energy in the future, but the real debate is over the policies needed to decarbonize the growing global economy.

    • Roger A. Pielke Jr
    Books & Arts
  • By 2050, there will be an estimated 9 billion humans on the planet. Kerri Smith asks whether curbing the world's burgeoning population could help in tackling climate change.

    • Kerri Smith
  • With warming expected to worsen public health problems, policymakers are being urged to fight disease and climate change simultaneously. Brian Hoyle reports.

    • Brian Hoyle
    Policy Watch
  • Scientists are becoming increasingly open to using local knowledge to understand how climate change could affect the world's most vulnerable, and often inaccessible, regions. But how useful are these data to science? Dan Whipple reports.

    • Dan Whipple
    News Feature
  • Under attack from pine beetles that are thriving in a warmer climate, Canada's boreal forests could become a sizeable source of emissions in the coming decade. Brian Hoyle reports.

    • Brian Hoyle
    News Feature
  • Why are harlequin frogs disappearing across the American tropics? A resifting of the evidence backs up the conclusion that global warming is a key conspirator in the losses.

    • J. Alan Pounds
    • Luis A. Coloma
  • Humour can be a great vehicle for sustainable-living messages, but a lack of substance makes for a faltering ride.

    • Dave S. Reay
    Books & Arts