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The first Global Stocktake

With the first Global Stocktake being discussed at COP28, Nature Climate Change presents a collection of pieces on how the process works and how it could enhance global climate action.

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  • Recent criticisms have suggested that future emissions are unlikely to lead to the warmest climate scenario available (SSP5–8.5), which has resulted in the second highest scenario (SSP3–7.0) receiving increased attention. The distinctiveness of SSP3–7.0 has not been well recognized, but it is relevant for the proper interpretation of studies that use this scenario.

    • Hideo Shiogama
    • Shinichiro Fujimori
    • Toshihiko Takemura
  • Microorganisms and their activities are as integrated in climate change science as they are in the world around us, playing key roles related to the causes, impacts and perhaps even some solutions of climate change.

  • If rapid and just transformations to low-carbon societies are to take place, citizens need to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to critically examine and choose adequate climate policy options. An emphasis on critical climate education research and implementation is therefore required.

    • Hanne Svarstad
    • Alfredo Jornet
    • Tor A. Benjaminsen
  • Extreme weather event attribution techniques quantify anthropogenic contributions to extreme weather disasters, but recently it was argued they are not yet ready to inform decisions on loss and damage funding. Here, we assert that they can substantially help formulate allocations to impacted vulnerable countries for the most damaging extreme events.

    • Ilan Noy
    • Michael Wehner
    • Rebecca Newman
  • Societal transition to address climate change will require many changes. As society adapts and transforms, the labour market will be altered as some established areas of employment will disappear and new areas will emerge that will need workers.


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