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Latest Research

  • Perspective |

    The Paris Agreement requires substantial changes in the land system. However, national implementation plans are vague, largely insufficient and unlikely to be fully achieved. Realistic policies require proper consideration of land-system lags.

    • Calum Brown
    • , Peter Alexander
    • , Almut Arneth
    • , Ian Holman
    •  & Mark Rounsevell
  • Letter |

    Warming is altering subtropical precipitation; however, it is not clear whether this will continue in an equilibrium climate. Using projections to 2300, Southern Hemisphere drying is shown to be a transient response to the meridional temperature gradient changes.

    • J. M. Kale Sniderman
    • , Josephine R. Brown
    • , Jon D. Woodhead
    • , Andrew D. King
    • , Nathan P. Gillett
    • , Katarzyna B. Tokarska
    • , Katja Lorbacher
    • , John Hellstrom
    • , Russell N. Drysdale
    •  & Malte Meinshausen
  • Letter |

    Greater land–sea temperature contrast under anthropogenic warming will enhance aerosol concentrations, reveal model simulations, linked to reductions in large-scale cloud cover and corresponding decreases in precipitation and aerosol wet removal.

    • Robert J. Allen
    • , Taufiq Hassan
    • , Cynthia A. Randles
    •  & Hui Su
  • Article |

    Accurate emissions data are required to monitor progress towards climate goals. Firms’ self-reported emissions show convergence with independently verified emissions in two pilot emissions trading systems in China over several years, suggesting the effectiveness of oversight and third-party audits.

    • Da Zhang
    • , Qin Zhang
    • , Shaozhou Qi
    • , Jinpeng Huang
    • , Valerie J. Karplus
    •  & Xiliang Zhang

News & Comment

  • Comment |

    The current narrow focus on afforestation in climate policy runs the risk of compromising long-term carbon storage, human adaptation and efforts to preserve biodiversity. An emphasis on diverse, intact natural ecosystems — as opposed to fast-growing tree plantations — will help nations to deliver Paris Agreement goals and much more.

    • Nathalie Seddon
    • , Beth Turner
    • , Pam Berry
    • , Alexandre Chausson
    •  & Cécile A. J. Girardin
  • News & Views |

    Global greenhouse gas emissions are set to rise again in 2018. New research from the United States Geological Survey casts light on emissions from fuels produced on federal lands and finds that they accounted for over 20% of US emissions in recent years.

    • Nathan Ratledge
    • , Steven J. Davis
    •  & Laura Zachary
  • Editorial |

    Global emissions rose in 2018 with the USA increasing its emissions after three years of decline. Understanding the contributing factors is not enough — action at all scales is needed.