Trees and fields in Rwanda

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Featuring, among others, work on the risks of cascading tipping points and a mapping of tree-level aboveground carbon stocks in Rwanda.


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  • Oceanic eastern boundary currents are regions with strong upwelling, which is expected to intensify with global warming through enhanced winds. Here the authors show that geostrophic flow dominates over wind effects on long-term upwelling changes for the major eastern boundary upwelling systems.

    • Zhao Jing
    • Shengpeng Wang
    • Haiyuan Yang
    Article Open Access
  • The authors demonstrate the interacting impacts of warming on erosion and soil organic carbon (SOC) cycling. Under warming, they project increased replacement of SOC lost by erosion but lower preservation of deposited SOC, with an overall increase in the global C sink by erosion.

    • Zhengang Wang
    • Yizhe Zhang
    • Kristof Van Oost
  • The authors estimate genomic vulnerability for closely related species of rainbowfish. They find that narrow endemic species that have hybridized with a warm-adapted generalist show reduced vulnerability to climate change and that hybridization may facilitate evolutionary rescue for such species.

    • Chris J. Brauer
    • Jonathan Sandoval-Castillo
    • Luciano B. Beheregaray
    Article Open Access
  • Melt ponding is an important process for the stability of ice shelves. Here the authors estimate the temperature thresholds at which melt ponding emerges over Antarctic ice shelves and find that cold and dry ice shelves are more vulnerable to melt ponding than expected.

    • J. Melchior van Wessem
    • Michiel R. van den Broeke
    • Stef Lhermitte
    Article Open Access
  • National climate institutions could greatly impact the process of policy design and implementation. This analysis identifies four models of climate governance for major emitters, estimates their policy ambitions and performance, then shows how they are related to macro features.

    • Johnathan Guy
    • Esther Shears
    • Jonas Meckling
  • Reducing methane emissions from fossil fuels, agriculture and waste is key to achieving climate goals. Technological advances and scientifically grounded feasibility assessments of mitigation initiatives may illuminate the path to success.


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