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  • Dan Tawfik suddenly left us on 4 May, 2021. His scientific intuition led him to articulate, and solve, many key questions related to protein chemistry and molecular evolution. Although science, particularly for his students, postdoctoral fellows and colleagues, is dimmer after his loss, his legacy will persist.

    • Paola Laurino
    • Nobuhiko Tokuriki
  • Rolf Huisgen left us on 26 March 2020, just three months shy of his 100th birthday. His work has had an enormous influence on chemical biology, ranging from new methods for the synthesis of chemical probes to “click chemistry” and its application to in vivo bioconjugation.

    • Dirk Trauner
  • Chris Dobson passed away on September 8th, leaving a wide-reaching legacy. He is best known for revealing the generality of the phenomenon of protein misfolding and aggregation and has provided inspiration for generations of researchers.

    • Tuomas P. J. Knowles
    • Michele Vendruscolo
  • Susan Lindquist passed away on 27 October 2016, far too early for those who marveled at her brilliance through her many contributions to science, for all who knew her directly, and especially for her former trainees.

    • Tricia R Serio
  • Roger Tsien left us on August 24. His untimely passing has saddened and shocked the scientific community. Roger literally and figuratively brightened our world, illuminated the dark matter of biology, and forever changed our view of the interface of chemistry and biology.

    • Amy E Palmer
    • Jin Zhang
  • On 2 April 2013, Amy L. Davidson lost her battle against thyroid cancer. The membrane transport field has lost one of its best biochemists and a superb mechanistic thinker. Amy devoted her career to uncovering the secrets of the maltose transporter, a prototype of a large protein family called ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters.

    • Jue Chen
  • Ivano Bertini left us on 7 July after a short illness. The chemical, biological and biomedical communities—indeed, society at large—have lost a unique and magnetic personality that will not be easily forgotten by those who have known him personally.

    • Lucia Banci
    • Claudio Luchinat
  • The research community lost one of its finest members when Chris Raetz succumbed to cancer in August. Through his research and training of more than 30 students and 40 postdoctoral fellows, Chris made an indelible and lasting mark on many in the lipid biochemistry community both personally and professionally.

    • Teresa A Garrett