The case of the missing allosteric ribozymes

Curiously, allosteric ribozymes formed by the merger of RNA enzyme and RNA switch components are largely absent in today’s biological systems.

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  • This Perspective summarizes the known types of ligand-controlled ribozymes and riboswitches and discusses the reasons why allosteric ribozymes formed by fusion of RNA enzymes and RNA aptamers are rare in today’s biological systems.

    • Shanker S. S. Panchapakesan
    • Ronald R. Breaker
  • The cryo-EM structures of Cas12g in complex with sgRNA in the absence and presence of target RNA reveal that the duplex formed by target RNA and crRNA binds to a central channel of Cas12g, inducing its conformational change and activation.

    • Zhuang Li
    • Heng Zhang
    • Leifu Chang
  • Crystal structures of a cobalamin-dependent radical S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) methylase reveal an unexpected mechanism that involves substrate-assisted catalysis whereby the carboxylate group of the co-substrate SAM serves as a general base.

    • Hayley L. Knox
    • Percival Yang-Ting Chen
    • Squire J. Booker
  • The cumbersome encoding of digital data to cellular DNA hinders the use of cells as living hard drives. A new approach transfers digital information directly into cellular DNA by converting electrical signals into stable and interpretable changes in the genomes of bacterial populations.

    • Santi Bhattarai-Kline
    • Sierra K. Lear
    • Seth L. Shipman
    News & Views
  • Yin Yang 1 (YY1) is a transcription factor involved in gene regulation. A recent study has revealed G-quadruplex structures as novel binding targets of YY1, and their interactions regulate DNA looping and gene expression.

    • Haizhou Zhao
    • Chun Kit Kwok
    News & Views
  • The plant cuticle has long been considered a barrier to volatile organic compound emission. New research reveals the paradoxical role of the cuticle as a barrier and facilitator of volatile emissions in hybrid petunia.

    • Samuel J. Livingston
    • A. Lacey Samuels
    News & Views
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