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  • Organic chemists meet biennially to present exciting developments in the realm of synthesis. Thomas Barber discusses the standout themes of this year’s international synthesis in organic chemistry symposium.

    • Thomas Barber
    Meeting Report
  • Kemi Oloyede reflects on the importance of having LGBTQ+ STEM events, and their role in combatting inertia in the scientific community.

    • Kemi Oloyede
    Meeting Report
  • Early-career researchers have been particularly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. To re-assemble the supramolecular research community, the inaugural Women in Supramolecular Chemistry workshop promoted a community-led approach to skills development, as Ruhee Dawood and Alyssa-Jennifer Avestro recount.

    • Ruhee A. Dawood
    • Alyssa-Jennifer Avestro
    Meeting Report
  • The recent Empowering Women in Organic Chemistry meeting was its most dynamic yet. Shanina Sanders Johnson discusses how this meeting exhibited inclusivity and examined strategies such as mentoring and forming allies to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in organic chemistry.

    • Shanina Sanders Johnson
    Meeting Report
  • Chirality is fundamental to chemistry, molecular biology and photonics, but chirality itself is not often in the spotlight. Lewis E. MacKenzie and Patrycja Stachelek report on the 2021 Chiral Materials meeting, which explored how chirality manifests in functional materials, and how it can lead to new technological applications.

    • Lewis E. MacKenzie
    • Patrycja Stachelek
    Meeting Report
  • The confined geometry of nanopores enables a wealth of chemistry and analysis to be conducted at the single-molecule scale. Yi-Lun Ying, Aleksandar P. Ivanov and Vincent Tabard-Cossa report on recent developments discussed at the 2020 Nanopore Electrochemistry Meeting.

    • Yi-Lun Ying
    • Aleksandar P. Ivanov
    • Vincent Tabard-Cossa
    Meeting Report
  • The #ScienceTwitter community was recently treated to a virtual campaign under the hashtags #BlackInChem and #BlackChemistsWeek. This event highlighted past and present contributions from Black people in the field and offered unique opportunities for networking, mentorship, and recognition, say Abraham Beyene and Priera Panescu.

    • Abraham G. Beyene
    • Priera Panescu
    Meeting Report
  • Chemical systems can show complex behaviour that is not seen in individual molecules or reactions. Helena S. Azevedo, Sarah L. Perry, Peter A. Korevaar, and Dibyendu Das report on the emergence of this complex behaviour, which was discussed at the Virtual Symposium on Systems Chemistry

    • Helena S. Azevedo
    • Sarah L. Perry
    • Dibyendu Das
    Meeting Report
  • The use of automation for chemical research and reaction discovery has seen significant advances in recent years, but there are still problems that need to be solved. Ella M. Gale and Derek J. Durand discuss limitations in the field and how researchers are working to address these issues.

    • Ella M. Gale
    • Derek J. Durand
    Meeting Report
  • Synthetic organic chemistry is increasingly automated, data rich and intelligent. At the Automated Synthesis Forum, industry and academia showcased their recent progress towards this augmented future.

    • David M. Heard
    • Alastair J. J. Lennox
    Meeting Report
  • To celebrate the centenary of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry in July 2019, the 47th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress took place in Paris. Its programme reflected how chemistry can help to address today and tomorrow’s most challenging issues, in particular, those relevant to human well-being and sustainable development.

    • Yi Yan Yang
    • Julien Nicolas
    Meeting Report
  • The Women in Chemistry conference held on International Women’s Day was an opportunity to celebrate the varied careers of female chemists and showcase every step along the way. Suze Kundu emphasizes that successes, failures — and everything in between — are all intrinsically valuable.

    • Suze Kundu
    Meeting Report
  • The contributions of women to the development of the periodic table have long been overlooked. Claire Murray relates how the recent ‘Setting their table’ conference set out to highlight their prominent role in element discovery and use.

    • Claire A. Murray
    Meeting Report
  • Two recent back-to-back meetings conveyed a common set of ongoing challenges for the fields of organocatalysis, photoredox catalysis and photochemistry.

    • Craig P. Johnston
    Meeting Report