Volume 6 Issue 7, 1 July 2004



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    NUDEL was first identified as a protein required for nuclear migration in filamentous fungi. Now, a study shows that it is important for normal assembly of neurofilaments in the mammalian nervous system. In utero knockdown of NUDEL expression results in disruption of neurofilament organization.

    • Erika L. F. Holzbaur
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    When cellular proteins are attached to a Lys 48-linked polyubiquitin chain, the proteasome will usually degrade them. But attaching such a chain to a yeast transcription factor inhibits its activity without degradation, raising questions about how polyubiquitination regulates transcriptional activation and why the protein is spared destruction.

    • Mark Hochstrasser
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    The invariant duplication of the centriole once per cell cycle is critical for cell division. SAS-5 is the most recent of three coiled-coil centriolar proteins found to be required for centriole duplication in Caenorhabditis elegans.

    • Bruce Nash
    •  & Bruce Bowerman
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    The ATM and ATR protein kinases are important mediators of the cellular response to DNA damage. They regulate multiple cellular functions as part of a stress response programme, including the activation of cell-cycle checkpoints, DNA replication, DNA repair and DNA recombination. A provocative new study suggests that ATM and ATR also regulate normal DNA replication in unperturbed cells.

    • Daniel Fisher
    •  & Marcel Méchali
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    Understanding the regulation of β-catenin, a key component of the Wnt signalling pathway, has important implications for developmental processes, maintenance of stem cells and the formation of many cancers. The latest report suggests that a nuclear complex consisting of Pygopus and Legless is required for β-catenin's nuclear localization, thereby promoting its transcriptional activity.

    • Nicholas S. Tolwinski
    •  & Eric Wieschaus

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