Volume 6 Issue 11, November 2004

Volume 6 Issue 11

A three-dimensional model showing intercisternal connections (red and yellow) forming during intra-Golgi transport.


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    Over more than three decades, sporadic and circumstantial evidence has accumulated to suggest that nuclear actin has crucial functions in RNA polymerase II-based transcription. Now, using a biochemical approach, β-actin has been identified as a highly specific, constitutive component of the active transcriptional complex required for formation of the pre-initiation transcription complex.

    • Werner W. Franke
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    The MRL protein family is emerging as a new connection between signalling, adhesion and cell motility. Two members, lamellipodin and RIAM, can regulate both actin assembly and cell adhesion, which raises many questions about how their interactions with Ena/VASP proteins, Ras-related GTPases and membranes orchestrate these key processes.

    • John A. Legg
    •  & Laura M. Machesky

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