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Volume 24 Issue 1, January 2022


Imaging nuclear transport

See Chowdhury et al.

Image: Abhishek Sau, Texas A&M University Cover Design: Lauren Heslop.

Research Highlights

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News & Views

  • Understanding how cancers react to poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) trapping on DNA is crucial to thwart PARP inhibitor resistance. A recent study finds that trapped PARP1 is removed via the ubiquitin-dependent segregase p97, and that perturbing this molecular cascade increases PARP inhibitor cytotoxicity.

    • Peter M. Brownlee
    • Luc Provencher
    • Aaron A. Goodarzi
    News & Views
  • Lipid metabolism is crucial for the execution of ferroptosis. A new study demonstrates that the function of the lipid metabolic enzyme ACSL4 is positively regulated by phosphorylation, leading to amplification of ferroptotic cell death. These results shed new light on the regulation of ferroptosis execution in cancer cells.

    • Jason Rodencal
    • Scott J. Dixon
    News & Views
  • Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) facilitate the fast, yet highly selective, nucleocytoplasmic transport of molecules. A recent study describes a multicolour imaging approach to chart the paths for cargo molecules through the human NPC with real-time 3D visualization of nucleocytoplasmic transport events with high spatial and temporal precision.

    • Vasilisa Aksenova
    • Mary Dasso
    News & Views
  • Cell fate determination by H3.3 deposition in haematopoietic stem and progenitor cells is largely unexplored. Two studies jointly support the idea that H3.3 maintains haematopoiesis balance and prevents endogenous retroviral element (ERV) activation through chromatin marks and transcriptome alterations.

    • Nadia Omega Cipta
    • Ying Chen
    • Yuin-Han Loh
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Technical Reports

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