Volume 2 Issue 1, January 2000

Volume 2 Issue 1

XMAP215 is one of the major microtubule-stabilizing proteins in Xenopus, and plays an important part in regulating microtubule dynamics. The cover shows interphasic Xenopus XL177 cells, in which XMAP215 (red) binds to microtubules (green; overlay with XMAP215 is yellow). Blue identifies DNA. [Cover design: Majo Xeridat][article, p.13; news and views, p.E11]


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    This section contains all of the material on the topic of cytoskeleton published in Nature Cell Biology from 1999 to 2004. This includes News and Views, Review articles, and, of course, original research papers. View the original focus issue from January 2000. See also Nature Milestones in Cytoskeleton, which focuses on the pivotal breakthroughs in cytoskeleton research over the past 60 years.