Volume 17 Issue 5, May 2015

Volume 17 Issue 5

The F-actin binding protein WDR1 establishes planar polarity in the mouse embryonic epidermis by mediating tension.

[article p592]


News and Views

  • News & Views |

    How proteins migrate through the interconnected organelles of the endolysosomal system is poorly understood. A piece of the puzzle has been added with the identification of a complex of tethering factors that functions in the recycling of proteins towards the cell surface.

    • Yann Desfougères
    • , Massimo D'Agostino
    •  & Andreas Mayer
  • News & Views |

    Whether the cancer cells responsible for the growth of primary tumours are also able to re-initiate tumour growth after seeding to distant organs is unclear. The characterization of breast cancer cells with both of these attributes now identifies the functional and molecular determinants necessary to mediate primary tumour formation and re-initiation at the secondary site.

    • Barzin Y. Nabet
    •  & Andy J. Minn



  • Letter |

    Lehmann and colleagues describe a role for the ATP synthase in Drosophila germline stem cell differentiation that is independent of ATP synthesis, and involves the maturation of mitochondrial cristae.

    • Felipe K. Teixeira
    • , Carlos G. Sanchez
    • , Thomas R. Hurd
    • , Jessica R. K. Seifert
    • , Benjamin Czech
    • , Jonathan B. Preall
    • , Gregory J. Hannon
    •  & Ruth Lehmann
  • Letter |

    Using C. elegans zygotes, Dumont and colleagues find that kinetochore proteins, including KNL-1, participate in assembly of central spindle microtubules for cytokinesis.

    • Gilliane Maton
    • , Frances Edwards
    • , Benjamin Lacroix
    • , Marine Stefanutti
    • , Kimberley Laband
    • , Tiffany Lieury
    • , Taekyung Kim
    • , Julien Espeut
    • , Julie C. Canman
    •  & Julien Dumont