Peer review initiatives

We strive to innovate in our peer review process, to improve its efficacy, quality and transparency. We are constantly monitoring and reviewing our efforts to address more closely the needs of the research community. Our most recent initiatives are described below.

Transparent peer review

When you accept the request to review for a journal that offers transparent peer review, you agree to have your report published alongside the main paper, if the author chooses this option when the paper is accepted. For more information, please refer to our FAQ page.

If you have reviewed a manuscript that is then transferred to a new journal that offers transparent peer review, your report at the previous journal will not be published even if the authors opt for transparent peer review; however, any further review that you undertake for the new journal might be published depending on the author choice.

Reviewer recognition

Some of our journals offer reviewers the possibility of having their names added, in acknowledgement of their contribution, to the final published paper. A reviewer will be asked during the review process whether they wish to be named or prefer to remain anonymous. Where the journal also offers transparent peer review, we encourage reviewers who wish to be named to also sign their reports.