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Volume 41 Issue 9, September 2023

Large-scale knock-in T cell engineering

Massively parallel knock-in engineering of primary human T cells with an AAV library. Dai et al. screen a large pool of differentially mutated CAR-T cells for genetic perturbations that enhance function.

See Dai et al.

Image: Xiaoyun Dai and Sidi Chen, Yale University. Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.


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  • Patents

    • Recent patents relating to microbiome classification, modulation and treatment of diseases.

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Research Highlights

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Research Briefings

  • CLASH is a CRISPR-based platform that enables the parallel knock-in via homology-directed repair of a large pool of transgene variants encoded in adeno-associated virus vectors. CLASH can be applied to the systematic and unbiased selection of favorable features in T cells and, in principle, other cell types.

    Research Briefing
  • Targeted RNA degradation remains a challenge using existing methods owing to off-target effects and toxicity. We adapted the CRISPR-Csm complex, a multi-protein effector from type III CRISPR systems, for precise knockdown of nuclear or cytoplasmic transcripts in eukaryotic cells with minimal side effects.

    Research Briefing
  • Ultrasensitive sequential fluorescence in situ hybridization (USeqFISH) enables multiplexed detection of the expression of endogenous and exogenous genes delivered by adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors in intact tissue. USeqFISH provides a spatial map of AAV tropism with high throughput and resolution.

    Research Briefing
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Amendments & Corrections

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Careers & Recruitment

  • Career Feature

    • The Open Institute of the African BioGenome Project empowers African scientists and institutions with the skill sets, capacity and infrastructure to advance scientific knowledge and innovation and drive economic growth.

      • Abdoallah Sharaf
      • Charlotte C. Ndiribe
      • ThankGod Echezona Ebenezer
      Career Feature
    • An expert in network dynamics and cell interactions describes her interdisciplinary background, creativity and building community in her lab during a pandemic.

      • Julie Chuong
      Career Feature
  • People

    • Recent moves of note in and around the biotech and pharma industries.

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