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Volume 40 Issue 5, May 2022

Multiscale data visualization

Kuchroo et al. use data geometry and topology to develop Multiscale PHATE, a visualization tool for single-cell data. When applied to immune cells of COVID-19 patients, it helps find cell subgroups predictive of mortality.

See Kuchroo et al.

Image: Jesse Morris and Manik Kuchroo. Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.


  • Two upcoming regulatory decisions represent a tipping point for commercial gene therapy, with implications for work on existing viral vectors and the pursuit of new ones.



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  • Building a Business

    • Recollections from an extraordinary 19-year journey guiding a tiny startup with an unproven therapeutic modality into a mature drug company with marketed products and >1,600 employees in nearly 20 countries provide lessons for those seeking to create the culture and values that are core to biotech success.

      • John Maraganore
      Building a Business
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News & Views

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Amendments & Corrections

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Careers & Recruitment

  • Career Feature

    • A quarterly snapshot of job expansions, reductions and availability in the biotech and pharma sectors.

      • Michael Francisco
      Career Feature
  • People

    • Recent moves of note in and around the biotech and pharma industries.

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