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Volume 39 Issue 9, September 2021

Volume 39 Issue 9

MAQC-IV and Sequencing Quality Control 2

SEQC2, the final phase of the MAQC consortium, presents the results of several sequencing benchmarking analyses.


Image: Ning Zhang, TopEdit Author Services. Cover Design: Erin Dewalt


  • Editorial |

    The Sequencing Quality Control 2 (SEQC2/MAQC-IV) project provides resources to aid sequencing reproducibility and highlights factors that can guide platform and software choice.



    Building a Business

  • Building a Business |

    A historical analysis of oncology deals can help bioentrepreneurs navigate the right time for partnerships and exits and can inform on the type of investors likely to be interested.

    • Christiaan M. de Bloeme
    • Robin W. Jansen
    • Ernst-Jan Geutjes



  • Comment |

    The MicroArray Quality Control consortium—a 16-year international effort led by the FDA and involving hundreds of scientists from academia, industry and government—helped make genomic medicine a reality.

    • Marc Salit
    • Janet Woodcock



  • Patents |

    A study of the seasonality and overall quantity and quality of Chinese patenting, including international comparisons, suggests that government planning and annual targets encouraged gaming of the system, which increased patent counts but negatively affected patent quality.

    • Zhen Sun
    • Zhen Lei
    • Taoxiong Liu
  • Patents |

    Recent patents relating to methods of making and using organoids.

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    Career Feature

  • People

  • People |

    Recent moves of note in and around the biotech and pharma industries.


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