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Volume 39 Issue 7, July 2021

Volume 39 Issue 7

Single-cell CUT&Tag

Decoding epigenomic information from individual cells from the mouse brain: with single-cell CUT&Tag, histone modifications and transcription factor binding can now be mapped in tens of thousands of individual cells.

See Bartosovic et al. and Wu et al.

Image: Amagoia Agirre. Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.


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    An Alzheimer’s drug approval is being touted as a triumph for patients. But US healthcare is ill prepared for Aduhelm’s questionable efficacy, unfettered market access and high price.




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  • News & Views |

    A new dimension for analyzing mass spectrometry data allows rapid quantification of up to 70% more peptides.

    • Nikolai Slavov


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