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Volume 39 Issue 6, June 2021

Volume 39 Issue 6

Heart-forming organoids

Scanning electron micrograph of a heart-forming organoid showing a myocardial layer (pink) separated by a thin endocardial layer (blue) from an anterior foregut endoderm and vascular layer (cinnamon); the outer layer (yellow) includes liver anlagen (red). The layers were hand colored on the basis of cell shape, cell surface and data from light and confocal microscopy.

See Drakhlis et al.

Image: Oliver Meckes, eye of science. Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.


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    New initiatives in N-of-1 drug development and clinical trial design offer the possibility of therapies for ultra-rare disease patients who have been long neglected by the drug industry.




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    The not-for profit foundation n-Lorem seeks to provide experimental antisense oligonucleotide treatments to patients with ultra-rare disease free for their entire lifetime.

    • Stanley T. Crooke


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    Recent moves of note in and around the biotech and pharma industries.


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