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Volume 38 Issue 6, June 2020

Volume 38 Issue 6

Cas13d guide design principles

Optimizing guide RNA design for Cas13. With data from massively parallel screens, Wessels et al. develop computational models to identify optimal guide RNAs for the RNA-targeting CRISPR enzyme Cas13d.

See Wessels et al.

Image: Christian Stolte. Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.


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    Insufficient SARS-CoV-2 testing has left many nations flying blind as they reopen their economies. Without adequate testing, new infections could outrun control measures.





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    Recent patents related to vaccines and methods of treatment of coronaviruses.

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    Career Feature

  • Career Feature |

    Though academic institutions have contributed enormously to the remarkable growth in the healthcare industry, a key limiting resource for this continued growth is the creation of career opportunities for doctoral graduates.

    • Sinje Gehr
    • Craig C. Garner
    • Karin N. Kleinhans
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    Recent moves of note in and around the biotech and pharma industries.


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