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Volume 38 Issue 2, February 2020

Engineering plants for vertical farms

Compact, early-fruiting ‘triple-determinate’ tomato and groundcherry plants suitable for vertical farming are produced using genome editing.

See Kwon et al.

Image: David Harris, Freight Farms, Boston. Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.


  • The US Food and Drug Administration is sticking to its plan to carry out mandatory premarket review of all gene-edited livestock, irrespective of trait risk. It should rethink.



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  • Building a Business

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  • Patents

    • Recent patents related to lysosome-targeted therapeutics and methods of screening and visualization.

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News & Views

  • In a step toward nanopore sequencing of proteins, an aerolysin pore discriminates many of the proteinogenic amino acids.

    • Stefan Howorka
    • Zuzanna S. Siwy
    News & Views
  • Engineering perishable crops for use in indoor farms promises to expand the adoption of this high-yielding, efficient means of food production.

    • Cathryn A. O’Sullivan
    • C. Lynne McIntyre
    • Graham D. Bonnett
    News & Views
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Amendments & Corrections

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Careers & Recruitment

  • Career Feature

    • A quarterly snapshot of job expansions, reductions and availability in the biotech and pharma sectors.

      • Michael Francisco
      Career Feature
  • People

    • Recent moves of note in and around the biotech and pharma industries.

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