Volume 37 Issue 10, October 2019

Volume 37 Issue 10

Supercool extensions to human liver storage

The scarcity of organs for transplantation could be addressed in part by extending viable preservation time of retrieved organs. Using an ice-free supercooling approach, Uygun and colleagues extend preservation of human livers by 27 hours. The image shows the liver during machine perfusion, when it is preconditioned with protective agents for supercooled storage.

See de Vries et al.

Image: Jeffrey Andree, Korkut Uygun and Reinier de Vries. Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.






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    Livers are stored in a supercooled state for extended periods, an approach that could expand access to liver transplantation.

    • Barry J. Fuller
    • , Alexander Petrenko
    •  & Edgardo Guibert
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    Respiratory pathogens and the human immune response they elicit can now be studied in humanized mice.

    • Hergen Spits
    •  & Julien Villaudy


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