Volume 36 Issue 9, October 2018

Volume 36 Issue 9

Image from the video game EVE Online with a background of fluorescently labeled cells. Sullivan et al. report how the analysis of large-scale imaging experiments was facilitated by incorporating an image classification task as a minigame in this mainstream massively multiplayer online game and by intergrating the player annotations with deep learning approaches (p 820). Image credit: Sölvi Hrafn Ingimundarson (CCP games) and the Human Protein Atlas





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News Feature

  • News Feature |

    A cadre of new biotechs have set their sights on targeting RNA with small-molecule drugs. Justin Petrone and Laura DeFrancesco report.

    • Justin Petrone
    •  & Laura DeFrancesco


  • Bioentrepreneur |

    South Korea's 8-year effort to create an integrated platform for novel target and lead development provides an academic drug discovery model for other emerging economies.

    • Thomas X Neenan
    • , Robert E Burrier
    •  & Sunghoon Kim



  • Commentary |

    Greater safeguards are needed to address the personal safety, security and privacy risks arising from increasing adoption of neurotechnology in the consumer realm.

    • Marcello Ienca
    • , Pim Haselager
    •  & Ezekiel J Emanuel


News & Views



  • Perspective |

    Brendan Frey and colleagues provide a personal overview of the machine learning field and in particular deep learning. They outline the technical challenges in applying machine learning to different types of biological and biomedical data and go on to discuss the challenges in implementing these approaches in the clinical realm, in drug discovery programs and within regulatory agencies.

    • Michael Wainberg
    • , Daniele Merico
    • , Andrew Delong
    •  & Brendan J Frey

Brief Communication



  • Letter |

    The efficiency of base editing is substantially increased by optimizing expression and nuclear localization of the editing enzymes.

    • Maria Paz Zafra
    • , Emma M Schatoff
    • , Alyna Katti
    • , Miguel Foronda
    • , Marco Breinig
    • , Anabel Y Schweitzer
    • , Amber Simon
    • , Teng Han
    • , Sukanya Goswami
    • , Emma Montgomery
    • , Jordana Thibado
    • , Edward R Kastenhuber
    • , Francisco J Sánchez-Rivera
    • , Junwei Shi
    • , Christopher R Vakoc
    • , Scott W Lowe
    • , Darjus F Tschaharganeh
    •  & Lukas E Dow


Careers and Recruitment

  • Careers and Recruitment |

    Adapting the clinical residency training model can help postdoctoral research fellows navigate and personalize their training experience for their unique career goals.

    • Mindy Kim Graham
    • , Ben Ho Park
    •  & Nicolas Wyhs
  • Careers and Recruitment |