Volume 23 Issue 6, June 2005

Volume 23 Issue 6

Nicotiana benthamiana plants expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) following transfection with an 'mRNA-like', tobacco mosaic virus-derived expression vector containing the GFP gene (picture taken under UV light). Marillonnet et al. describe the application of this expression vector to recombinant protein production in plants (p 718).



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    Coupling of localized surface plasmon resonances offers a potential alternative to FRET for measuring nanometer-scale distances.

    • C Shad Thaxton
    •  & Chad A Mirkin
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    Protamine-antibody fragment fusions enable delivery of siRNAs to specific cells in mice.

    • John J. Rossi
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    The efficient and permanent alteration of a human gene responsible for SCID provides a proof-of-principle demonstration of the potential of zinc-finger nucleases as human therapeutics.

    • Karthikeyan Kandavelou
    • , Mala Mani
    • , Sundar Durai
    •  & Srinivasan Chandrasegaran

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    Being good at research isn't enough for success in the biotech business. Where do you get the other skills you need?

    • Virginia Gewin
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