Volume 23 Issue 4, April 2005

Volume 23 Issue 4

Genetically engineered cows expressing an antibacterial enzyme in their milk resist mastitis. (Wall et al., p 445)



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    Although the financial implications of Elan's and Biogen Idec's shock withdrawal from the market of the highly promising multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri were immediate and dramatic, it could have long-term consequences on the whole class of drug as companies developing drugs with a similar mechanism of action as Tysabri had to suspend their trials.

    • Cormac Sheridan
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    For the past 40 years, there has been no major addition to the repertoire of drugs for treating severe, chronic pain. Now, two drugs with a completely different mechanism of action, targeting N-type calcium channels, are making their market debuts in the US and Europe—milestones that have received remarkably little attention.

    • Ken Garber
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    Australia's biotech sector has no shortage of good ideas with a total of 30 new companies listing on ASX over the past 20 months. But with too many immature companies, and not enough sophisticated investors, the sector is struggling to achieve stability and growth.

    • Graeme O'Neill
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    Monsanto recently acquired a US fruit and vegetable seed outfit, a move that both Wall Street analysts and environmental activists (oddly) agree could spell trouble.

    • Stephan Herrera
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    Veterinarian Lester Crawford has been nominated to be Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration. Can he provide the agency with the leadership it so desperately needs?

    • Jeffrey L. Fox
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    Surging numbers of therapeutic proteins and small molecules, rationally designed to trigger cell death, are entering the clinic against cancer. In theory, they should provide an entirely new kind of targeted therapy, but troubling questions of basic biology remain.

    • Ken Garber

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    A lesser known valuation approach for biopharmaceutical products offers project managers and out-licensing biotech companies an edge in budget and license negotiations.

    • Ralph Villiger
    •  & Boris Bogdan

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    A more nutritious version of Golden Rice may offer a practical solution to vitamin A deficiency.

    • Michael A Grusak
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    Transgenic cows expressing an antibacterial endopeptidase in their mammary glands show enhanced resistance to mastitis.

    • Pascal Rainard
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    Genetic engineering promises to improve a technique for controlling medflies that avoids chemical insecticides.

    • Ernst A Wimmer
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    Injured tissues in aged animals are regenerated by exposure to young serum.

    • Hans-Willem Snoeck



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