Volume 23 Issue 3, March 2005

Volume 23 Issue 3

Transverse section of a hind leg muscle of a 6-month-old mouse showing GFP gene expression following delivery by an adeno-associated virus 8 vector (tibia and fibula bones and muscle cell nuclei are stained red). A comparative study shows that this vector enables efficient system-wide gene delivery to muscle tissues. (Wang et al.p 321).



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    Reimbursement agencies are increasingly likely to require some economic data to back the claims on the superior value of biotech drugs compared to traditional ones.

    • Cormac Sheridan
    •  & Alla Katsnelson
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    Japanese corporations in seemingly unrelated areas such as automobile or electronics sector, are now investing in areas of life science such as industrial biotechnology that could contribute to applications enhancing their existing products.

    • Doug Sipp
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    Ex-Greenpeace activist turned biotech supporter believes that auditing the performance of biotech products is the only way to convince people of their value.

    • Stephan Herrera
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    Biotech animals don't have the market value of biotech drugs and potential controversies loom large, but genetic screening technologies are already finding a market, and both cloned and transgenic animals may soon be on the menu. Alan Dove reports.

    • Alan W Dove

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    The 'omics revolution offers plenty of decision-making tools. It's knowing how to use them that's key.

    • Monya Baker

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