Volume 22 Issue 7, July 2004

Volume 22 Issue 7

Drosophila wing imaginal disc showing repression of Gal4 expression by a temperature-sensitive intein-Gal80 construct. The posterior compartment is labeled with anti-Engrailed (red), DNA is stained with DAPI (blue) and expression of the Gal4-GFP construct (green) is shown to be repressed on the anterior side of the compartment. On page 871, Perrimon and colleagues report on the post-transcriptional regulation of protein synthesis in Drosophila using temperature-sensitive inteins.



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    Two new approaches, RNA-enzyme fusions immobilized onto a surface and artificial RNA switches, could transform metabolic pathway engineering.

    • James C Liao
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    Temperature-sensitive mutant inteins inserted within two transcription factors provide a new tool for controlling gene expression in yeast and flies.

    • Francine B Perler
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    Cold shock–inducible vectors enable the production of labeled proteins in bacteria for structural and functional studies.

    • Catherine H Schein



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