Volume 22 Issue 4, April 2004

Volume 22 Issue 4

Isolated hair follicle stem cells form all components of the cutaneous epithelium, including new hair follicles, hairs, epidermis and sebaceous glands, when injected together with mesenchymal cells into immunodeficient mice. The hair follicle stem cells were isolated from Rosa reporter mice expressing lacZ in every cell (Morris et al., p 411).



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    Funding for biodefense is spurring new vaccine and anti-infective programs at several biotech companies.

    • Alan Dove

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    Two reports shed light on the gene expression patterns of hair follicle stem cells.

    • Paul A Khavari
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    Probes that reversibly recognize oligohistidine sequences engineered into proteins can provide insights into the structure and location of proteins in living cells.

    • Jonathan A Javitch
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    Two enzymes, a microtiter plate and a hexamer oligonucleotide chip decouple microarrays from specific biological systems.

    • Darrell P Chandler
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    Human embryonic stem (ES) cells have been derived from cloned embryos, an important step in the development of therapeutic cloning.

    • Teruhiko Wakayama



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