Volume 22 Issue 10, October 2004

Volume 22 Issue 10

The cover shows computer analysis of DNA array data comparing the expression patterns of 22500 human genes in normal and cancerous prostate cells. Red represents high levels of gene expression and blue represents low levels. Picture by Veronique Blanc and Qin Wang from Wellcome Trust Medical Photographic Library.



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    Big pharma is dabbling in systems biology, a few brave entrepreneurs are trying to make a business out of it, but investor caution may keep those in the field from really making it big in drug development.

    • George S Mack

News and Views

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    New evidence that human embryonic stem cells can rescue injured heart may bring these cells closer to clinical use.

    • Philippe Menasch√©
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    A new method for solving X-ray crystal structures relies on the introduction of iodine into proteins in the form of p-iodophenylalanine.

    • Zbigniew Dauter
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    A new algorithm can predict the propensity of proteins to aggregate.

    • Vijay S Pande
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    A simple hydrolysis-based approach to peptide analysis may facilitate high-throughput identification of post-translational modifications.

    • Norman J Dovichi

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Computational Biology

Computational Biology



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    Systems biology

    A series of articles focuses on potential applications of systems biology to biotechnology.