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  • As CRISPR therapies move into clinical testing, David Schaffer and colleagues review a raft of different delivery technologies being road tested to address cargo capacity limitations, maximize potency, minimize off-target effects and avoid immunogenicity.

    • Joost van Haasteren
    • Jie Li
    • David V. Schaffer
    Review Article
  • Hanna and Doench review the computational methods and tools that have become indispensable for planning and analyzing CRISPR experiments.

    • Ruth E. Hanna
    • John G. Doench
    Review Article
  • Engineering and manipulating phase-separated liquid organelles is the latest frontier in the quest to mimic and interrogate living systems at the molecular level.

    • Dan Bracha
    • Mackenzie T. Walls
    • Clifford P. Brangwynne
    Review Article
  • Anikeeva and colleagues review the state of the art in technologies that enable discoveries of brain function and the development of novel therapeutic approaches.

    • James A. Frank
    • Marc-Joseph Antonini
    • Polina Anikeeva
    Review Article
  • From unbiased mutagenesis to precision modification, in genes or whole genomes, researchers have a panoply of tools to direct evolution.

    • Anna J. Simon
    • Simon d’Oelsnitz
    • Andrew D. Ellington
    Review Article
  • Development of next-generation crops will be enabled by combining state-of-the-art technologies with speed breeding.

    • Lee T. Hickey
    • Amber N. Hafeez
    • Brande B. H. Wulff
    Review Article
  • Bailey and Maus discuss cutting-edge developments in engineering immune cells towards expanding the reach and efficacy of adoptive cell therapies in cancer and beyond.

    • Stefanie R. Bailey
    • Marcela V. Maus
    Review Article
  • Heikenfeld et al. survey the range of biochemical analytes that can be sensed in dermal interstitial fluid, saliva and sweat, and outline criteria for tailoring sensor design to address the right analyte in the right body site for the right disease or wellness application.

    • Jason Heikenfeld
    • Andrew Jajack
    • Benjamin A. Katchman
    Review Article
  • Assessing progress towards designing reliable wearable biosensors reveals the challenges remaining before the promise of clinical translation can be realized.

    • Jayoung Kim
    • Alan S. Campbell
    • Joseph Wang
    Review Article
  • Pere Santamaria and Pau Serra review the state of the art in antigen-specific therapies for autoimmune disease, discussing mechanism of action and clinical efficacy of each strategy.

    • Pau Serra
    • Pere Santamaria
    Review Article
  • Chandan Kumar-Sinha and Arul Chinnaiyan summarize the increasing use of sequencing panels to screen for cancer-associated genes in tumor and germline samples. The authors highlight the increasing appreciation of aberrations in regulatory genes or chromatin-related genes and argue that precision oncology must be considered in the context of adding value to the standard of care, not apart from it.

    • Chandan Kumar-Sinha
    • Arul M Chinnaiyan
    Review Article
  • The promises and potential pitfalls of shotgun metagenomics, from experimental design to computational analyses, are reviewed.

    • Christopher Quince
    • Alan W Walker
    • Nicola Segata
    Review Article