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  • Human glial progenitors transplanted into a chimeric mouse brain replace sick or older human glia, a finding that could one day lead to new treatments for neurological disease.

    • V. Alexandra Moser
    • Clive N. Svendsen
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  • An automated system for picking bacterial colonies is used to create a biobank of personalized microbiomes.

    • Marta Selma-Royo
    • Nicola Segata
    • Liviana Ricci
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  • Single-cell data from RNA-seq, chromatin accessibility, DNA methylation and other modalities can be readily integrated using two new methods.

    • Michelle Y. Y. Lee
    • Mingyao Li
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  • Edited, transgene-free plants are produced without tissue culture by RNA migration from rootstocks to grafts.

    • Jiacheng Hu
    • Caixia Gao
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  • Super-resolution microscopy at ångström precision could pave the way to optical structural biology in cells.

    • Giorgio Tortarolo
    • Suliana Manley
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  • New methods for mapping the mRNA modifications N6-methyladenosine and pseudouridine enable large-scale functional analyses.

    • Joshua D. Jones
    • Daniel E. Eyler
    • Kristin S. Koutmou
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  • An influenza vaccine is created by attenuating the live virus through targeted proteolysis.

    • Brad Gilbertson
    • Kanta Subbarao
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  • Reprogramming of antibody responses in mice is achieved via adeno-associated virus delivery of SaCas9, single guide RNA (sgRNA) and a repair template targeting immunoglobulin genes.

    • Harald Hartweger
    • Michel C. Nussenzweig
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  • CRISPR base- and prime-editing pooled screens reveal the function of genetic variants at unprecedented resolution.

    • Peter P. Du
    • Katherine Liu
    • Gaelen T. Hess
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