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  • Engineering perishable crops for use in indoor farms promises to expand the adoption of this high-yielding, efficient means of food production.

    • Cathryn A. O’Sullivan
    • C. Lynne McIntyre
    • Graham D. Bonnett
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  • Information encoded in DNA can be stored in, and retrieved from, everyday objects.

    • Fahim Farzadfard
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  • Two studies offer a powerful strategy for combating bacterial blight in rice.

    • Rajeev K. Varshney
    • Ian D. Godwin
    • Susan R. McCouch
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  • Bacterial species that have eluded cultivation are selectively brought into culture.

    • William H. Lewis
    • Thijs J. G. Ettema
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  • Respiratory pathogens and the human immune response they elicit can now be studied in humanized mice.

    • Hergen Spits
    • Julien Villaudy
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  • Livers are stored in a supercooled state for extended periods, an approach that could expand access to liver transplantation.

    • Barry J. Fuller
    • Alexander Petrenko
    • Edgardo Guibert
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  • Algorithms for building a variant-aware human graph genome enable fast and accurate genotyping without huge memory requirements.

    • Adam Ameur
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  • Nanopore sequencing of the sputum metagenome identifies respiratory pathogens in six hours.

    • Andrei Prodan
    • Morten O. A. Sommer
    • Max Nieuwdorp
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  • The Kipoi repository provides a home for trained machine-learning models that facilitates their sharing and reuse.

    • Casey S. Greene
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  • A simple chemical modification can substantially reduce the toxicity of antisense oligonucleotides.

    • Arthur M. Krieg
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  • In vivo studies indicate that cytosine but not adenine base editors induce elevated levels of genome-wide off-target substitutions.

    • Jia Chen
    • Bei Yang
    • Li Yang
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