About the Editors

Like the other Nature titles, Nature Biotechnology has no external editorial board. Instead, all editorial decisions are made by a dedicated team of professional editors, with relevant research and editorial backgrounds.

Chief Editor: Andrew Marshall (New York)

Andy obtained his PhD and postdoctoral experience in molecular biology and microbiology at King's College London. Before joining Nature Biotechnology in 1996, he was Editor of Current Opinion in Biotechnology for four years. He has written numerous articles and editorials on science and technology for the popular media, including The Economist, and for trade publications. As well as frequently speaking on biotechnology issues at international meetings, he regularly organizes conferences and symposia for Nature Research in the biotechnology area.


Deputy Editor: Kathy Aschheim (San Francisco)

Kathy did her graduate work in the department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale University in the laboratory of Thomas Steitz, where she studied DNA and RNA polymerase complexes by X-ray crystallography. She also worked in the laboratory of Steven Smith on structural studies of membrane proteins using solid-state NMR. Before that, Kathy received a PhD in literature from Yale and taught at Northwestern University. She joined the journal in 2001.


Senior Editor: Laura DeFrancesco (Pasadena)

Laura received her PhD at the University of California, San Diego in cell biology and did postdoctoral work on mitochondrial nucleic acids at California Institute of Technology. After doing research for 10 years at the City of Hope National Cancer Center and the University of California, Los Angeles on various topics in animal and cell science, she became the founding editor of the LabConsumer section of The Scientist. Following that, she was managing editor of the web-based life science portal, BioResearch Online, and later went on to write for several publications, including Nature Medicine, Analytical Chemistry, and BioIT World. She joined the journal in 2003 and is responsible for Features and Reviews.


Senior Editor: Michael Francisco (New York)

Michael obtained bachelor's degrees in biotechnology and art history from Rutgers University in 1993, with concentrations in industrial microbiology and ancient Greek sculpture. He is responsible for Nature Biotechnology's Resources, Book Review and Careers sections, and also manages the journal's special projects, including conferences and printed supplements. He joined the journal in 1996.


Senior Editor: Susan Jones (London)

Susan obtained a PhD at the University of Warwick, UK, where she studied quorum sensing in a plant pathogenic bacterium. She did her postdoctoral work at Imperial College London, UK, investigating transcriptional mechanisms underlying stress responses in bacteria. She left the lab in 2003 to join Nature Reviews Microbiology, becoming Chief Editor in 2008, then joined the PLoS Medicine team and became Senior Research Editor in 2011. Susan joined Nature Biotechnology in 2012.


Senior Editor: Markus Elsner (Heidelberg)

Markus did his graduate work at EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany and the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, where he worked on characterizing protein dynamics in living cells. In his postdoctoral studies at the National Institutes of Health he investigated the mechanisms of lipid and protein sorting during membrane transport events. He joined the journal in 2008.


Business Editor: Brady Huggett (New York)

Brady received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Wake Forest University and a master's in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to joining Nature as business editor in 2007, he was managing editor at the biotech daily news service BioWorld, and he has also worked as a staff writer for a university research magazine. He has written articles covering all aspects of biotech, and has participated in or moderated panel discussions both in the U.S. and abroad.


Senior News Editor: Lisa Melton (London)

Lisa obtained her PhD at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and did her postdoctoral work at the National Institutes for Medical Research, in London where she investigated thymic differentiation. She then took a science writer's position at the Wellcome Trust and later the Novartis Foundation, contributing to Nature, Scientific American, New Scientist and the Times among others. She joined Nature Biotechnology in 2008.


Associate Editor: Irene Jarchum (New York)

Irene obtained her PhD at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York, where she studied the specificity of autoreactive T cells and mechanisms of central tolerance in type 1 diabetes. As a postdoctoral fellow at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, her research focused on mucosal immunity against the gut pathogen Clostridium difficile. Working at the Tisch MS Center of New York, she investigated the role of monocytes in multiple sclerosis. She was an editor at Nature Communications before joining the Nature Biotechnology team in 2014.


Associate Editor: Sarah Perry (London)

Sarah received her PhD from the University of Oxford, UK, where she focused on developing multi-locus model selection strategies for genome-wide association studies. Sarah's postdoctoral studies in Oxford involved the identification of genetic and epigenetic mechanisms underlying complex metabolic traits such as insulin resistance and diabetes. She began her editorial career at Nature Communications in June 2013 and joined Nature Biotechnology in 2015.



Editorial advisors: John Hodgson, Mark Kessel, Mark Ratner, Chris Scott