• Madeline Lancaster and Sergiu Pasca

    On our latest Forum podcast, Barbara Cheifet speaks with Madeline Lancaster and Sergiu Pasca about organoids – cell cultures derived from stem cells and crafted to replicate a particular organ or certain cell types that make up an organ. They discuss neural organoids specifically, and how they are being used to study both basic biology of the brain and their future impacts on disease research.

  • Podcast logo of a black field with a grey old school microphone and two speech bubbles, the Nature Biotechnology logo at upper left and "From Bench to Podcast: Stories from Biotech Labs" at lower left

    On this episode, Associate Editor Cláudia Vilhena interviews Sean Johnson, the first author of a timely and great story on how to experimentally evaluate the performance of AI-generated enzymes. Sean and Cláudia discuss the timely topic of AI for protein design and the implications for future research, and also touch base on how it was to transition from academia to industry.

  • Conceptual pill, half of which has a surface imprinted with a microchip-type pattern, the other half of which is transparent and contains brain-like elements

    From Biopharma Dealmakers: Major biopharma companies are setting up partnerships with companies that are pioneering the application of artificial intelligence tools to develop therapeutic antibodies.

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