A model of 2′-O-hexadecyl (C16)-conjugated siRNA (orange) in complex with RISC (white) and mRNA (green). Brown et al. show that C16-conjugated siRNA achieves efficient, durable targeted gene silencing in the central nervous system, eye and lung.

Protein structure prediction

RGN2 predicts a protein’s structure from its sequence without a multiple sequence alignment


  • Symbols related to starting a biotech company

    Our annual survey highlights academic startups that are, among other things, designing circular RNA therapeutics, tackling cancer with arenaviruses, creating psychedelics without the trip, editing genes and cells in vivo, harnessing the power of auto-antibodies, editing the epigenome.

  • RNA

    The third in a series of Nature Conferences highlighting the way RNA medicines continue to change the face of clinical practice. This conference explores progress in our understanding of the roles of RNAs in immune signaling and chronic disease associated with dysregulated inflammatory processes.

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